Tuesday, 1 September 2009

samsung i7500 galaxy new user tips part 2

Unable to send text messages on O2
couldnt send any text messages , could receive them and make calls ....
would always get a 'message not sent' icon in notification bar
turns out the message centre number was wrong and had '61500' appended to the correct number.
edited it to remove the extra numbers and voila its working

Making sure the alarm function works!
Ive already mentioned TasKiller as the ultimate app to save battery life by killing background apps.
However I was a bit zealous last night , set my 6.20 am alarm then killed the process......
The alarm icon was present so i assumed it was gonna be ok........
I was however wrong , it didnt go off at all FFS

so dont kill Alarm process if you want to get up for work (seems obvious doesnt it !)

battery life seems better today after the 4th full charge.
funnily enough its takes AGES to charge from 99% to full.
its now 17 hrs from 100% and its now at 60% , much better.

still loving it :-)

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