Sunday, 17 December 2006


Happy Christmas Everyone :-)

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

new tyres for MR2 Mk3

Tyres for the MRS seem like rocking horse sh*t and expensive too !
Cant really get Goodyear F1's in the right sizes so after searching through forums it appears the best option is Toyo T1-R's
Not my preference but hey ...

Std >2003 on the car is 185/55/15 front and 215/45/16 rear.
Ive gone up to 195/50/15 and 225/40/16 T1-R's , apparently the important bit is keeping the 30 width front/rear stagger.
270 notes all in for 4 from the usual masters at Auto Image Glasgow.
Too early to tell but at least theres some rear end grip for the current abysmal weather.

(fitted @ 25000 miles)