Wednesday, 30 June 2004

stereo ordered part deux :: AVCR arrives :: more pics

Now Im not saying its not a great unit, far from it.
Anyway Ive just ordered the Kenwood PSW9527 , if I have reliability problems with that then Im really gonna be hacked off after all this.........

JVC unit went in on Friday night and its back out again last night (Tues).Its a very subtle unit that looks great,but it just wasnt for me !
Great looks (esp in black)Menu colour fixed(others change)
Nice touch screenface off only(huge panel) not MASK
Deceptively loudLimited sound controls
Less to go wrongSource change requires double key press
Poor/limited options for graphical display

[Big thanks to Jon at InCarExpress for putting up with me changing my mind LOL]

APEXI AVCR arrived today from USA as well !!!! (3 days from order ..)
Cost me 25 quid extra (funnily (or not) 13 quid customs and same again for Parcel Forces cut , go figure)

also a few more pics of my 20VT .... are available. Also shows the JVC unit in dash.

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

stereo ordered :-)

well after much deliberation....Ive jumped ship from kenwood !
After recomendations from the Fiat Coupe Forum and others I have decided to try JVC.
I have ordered a JVC KD LHX502 from In Car Express. I bought my old kenwood from them 3 yrs ago and Jon the owner has always had that personal touch when asking questions.
Quality/Customer service count in my book ..........

In the market for a new stereo then check them out.....

It should arrive soon , will post a report later ........

Tuesday, 22 June 2004

mpg/stereo choice/boost controller

must be driving like a pansy lately as my MPG is up to 26!

DateCostLitresGallonsMileagelitres/milemiles/gallonTotal Mileage

Looking for a new stereo Kenwood or JVC cant decide....
Probably a kenwood , as I really liked my 8080R that was nicked a few weeks ago.
Current favourite is the KDC W8027...

Also very tempted with an APEXI AVCR from ebay....

Come into money ? Nah ,but auctions can be seriously addictive. Its always fun to window shop.

Friday, 11 June 2004

mpg update

DateCostLitresGallonsMileagelitres/milemiles/gallonTotal MileageType

Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Bang / Pothole / Brakes and Overboost........

I wellied the car up a twisty piece of road in 2nd and heard a load bang!!!!!
The result you ask ?
One snapped intercooler hose bracket (where it mounts onto the rad mount)
and a gearlever that no longer flaps about on overrun.........

I'm guessing but worn engine mountings must have allowed the whole lot to move a bit too much , and in the process relocated a bush or the like.

All laughing aside , I sh*t myself and thought Id done some big number damage.


Out in Glasgow shopping on Sunday (joy!) , on the way home I managed to find one of the biggest potholes in Glasgow. For some reason did the 'rabbit in headlights' impression and didnt take avoiding action....
result = more wheels marks.
Could've sworn from the noise that the tyre had blown out.
Havent ruled out a bent wheel, but no s/wheel vibrations so its prob OK.


Works rough , so a hefty right foot home (after its warmed up of course) , is always the tonic.
Full throttle 3rd ......4th ........ and hook 5th
Car running well despite a cracked manifold.......and lo ,well ahead a nissan micra pulls into fast lane doing about 50mph ish.

Needless to say braking became a three step process :
Step 1 : 'No probs , lift off and cruise up to a safe distance.....'
Step 2 : 'OK , maybe not , going a wee bit fast , need to apply some brakes...'
Step 3 : ' F*************k '

Thats the 2nd time Ive been caught out by the speed differential you can achieve with a coupe :-).
Note to self : get better brakes LOL
Braking lacks any feel and definitely not progressive.
Discs/Pads+fluid change a starting point I feel.


Re : Overboost :: Seems my car may be a bit 'frisky'. Other FCCUK members(Hi Fergie) have reported low boost in 1st + 2nd (0.5 and 0.7) , mine will go the full 1.3bar initially then drop !!! The car would actually be quicker in the wet with reduced levels because at the moment 1st/2nd are useless in the wet for me (even with full tread Goodyear GSD3 F1 tyres )