Tuesday, 22 December 2009

possible hint at Android 2.0 on Samsung Galaxy I7500

a teaser comment posted against a youtube video for the galaxy...

people seem to think it 'could' be genuine.
I can barely dare to dream it could be :-)


Monday, 21 December 2009

Android platform versions using android market summary


current split of android device versions

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Google Contacts Birthdays displayed in Google Calendar

using Google Contacts but your birthdays dont show in Google Calendar.....


" Google Calendar added the same feature. Go to the Settings page, select the Calendars tab and click on "Browse public calendars", then add the calendar "Contacts' birthdays and events". Unfortunately, Google's built-in calendar doesn't support notifications."

job done and you should see birthday cake icons

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg updates

couple of updates
341miles @ 28.9MPG
371miles @ 30.8MPG

can you guess which was mostly motorway ?

From Johns Car Blog

From Johns Car Blog

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

new Wii update : Nintenod Channel : time played on games

brand new update to 'Nintendo Channel' on the Wii.
slick update that also now shows your total time playing games!

Im not totally sad but getting there 34 hrs on MP3 , soon MP Trilogy will overtake that :-)

From Johns Car Blog

Balls : People without them drift in cars ....

From Johns Car Blog

aint that the truth ........

car damage!

Im not best bit chuffed, some ffing twat has damaged my car.
no note, no nothing.....

From Johns Car Blog

Monday, 14 December 2009

Google phone surfaces and its a belter ...


the android platform has become of age.
I reckon I jumped on board a smidge too early with the wrong manufacturer.

Samsung i7500 Galaxy looks to be dead in the water !

Google phone now spotted and its a belter.

Android = fabulous
Samsung = rubbish

my current Android Applications list exported by aTrackDog free app

Exported by aTrackDog at 09:02:01 2009/12/12
My Tracks,1.0.7
Bonsai Blast,1.1
Google Maps,3.1.2
imeem Mobile,2.1.6
Rehearsal Assistant,0.8.3
Retro Clock,1.2
TTS Service Extended,1.9
Voice Search,1.3
Advanced Task Killer Free,1.5.1
aDyno,0.2 Beta4
Battery Status,2.2
Calorie Counter,1.9.0
CoPilot Live EU Major,
Frozen Bubble,1.4
Funny Jokes,2.0
Glowing Pear,1.0.0
Google Sky Map,1.3
GPS Speedo,2.1
GPS Tracker,1.9.3
Handcent Font Pack3,1.0
Handcent Font Pack4,1.1
Handcent FontPack,1.0
Handcent Sms,2.9.21
Labyrinth Lite,1.3.1
Locale SMS Plug-in,0.3 beta
Moon Phase,4
OI File Manager,1.1.0
Opera Mini,4.2
Pkt Auctions eBay,1.73
Places Directory,1.0.19
Quote Pro,1.2.4
Ringo Lite,1.2.16
Save MMS,1.4
SharePrice 1.2.2,1.2.2
SlideME App Installer,1.0
Spare Parts,donut
Speaking Pad,1.2.1
Speed Test,1.6.1
Star Tour,1.0
Weather Widget Forecast Addon,1.2.2
Weather Widgets,3.2
Total 76 applications.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Scientist article : Dogs vs Cats


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Google Goggles : picture based searching


seems to work well but i cant try it! 1.6 android and up only.
Damn you Samsung...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Oulton Park : Trackdays.co.uk event : Golf GTI Edition 30


It all started with my wife buying me a £100 voucher for Christmas last year!
This can be used for any type of event, but I’ve already done some 'driving days' this year in a Ferrari 360 and Porsche 997 at Prestwold Hall, but I wanted more control and doing something a bit less 'constrained'.
The previous days were good fun but too short and not enough driving.
I have done small track events in Scotland but reckoned it was time to step it up.
I duly booked the 5th Dec 2009 at Oulton Park as a local track to me.


Track days can be purchased from various vendors.
Mine was from trackdays.co.uk. (run by 'focused events' on the day I went)
[url=http://www.trackdays.co.uk/tracks/oulton_park.htm] >> trackdays.co.uk website << [/url] It was a generic £100 voucher which I topped up to a total cost of £135 for the event I had selected. Saturday, 05 December Oulton Park Island circuit Open Pitlane, 105 db £135.00 Fitting / Preparation

Given it’s a serious circuit it would be foolish not to consider preparing to some extent for an event that has safety implications and is going to be very hard on you and your car.

[url=http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=8957.0] >> preparing for trackday << [/url] [url=http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=5121.0] >> trackday and ‘ring insurance << [/url] [i]Brakes [/i] I have various posts on the forum asking about track day brakes! After much deliberation I had decided on Pagid Blue pads for my 312mm std GTI brakes. then a week before I reread all the info again thanks DaveB and TonyD, and common sense got the better of me. I called DaveB and we did a deal on S3 front brakes. These were fitted by ADS Preston and would have a weeks bed in before Oulton. I considered this a longer term solution to remove a limitation of the GTI brakes esp as I have a remap. I really wanted twin piston 'fancy' calipers but the other half said no. And to be fair I would really spend the extra an an intake [i]Trackday insurance[/i] You wil not be covered by your normal insurance. By far the best bet seems to be Greenlight, who allow an extra £50 each time for full cover ! I just couldn’t get anywhere near to this. Greenlight won’t quote for my postcode, so I was stuck. Various quotes varied from £150 to £250 for track cover, with excesses of 10% of the value of the car. Heres the cheapest I could get from www.Moris.co.uk Premium: £148.50 Excess: £1920.00 Optional Extensions Tick if Required 1. Vehicle Recovery: £14.50 2. Personal Accident:£5.00 3. Insurance of Your Excess £57.60 Policy Premium Admin Fee: £5.95 Total Due (inc. Tax): £154.45 ! In the end I weighed up the risks but on this occasion I chose to to do the day with none. This worried me more than a bit, and probably made me drive more carefully (for the first lap at least lol) For multiple days I intend to get some. Knowing it was going to be wet didnt settle my nerves either. TonyD helped a lot with a calming PM :smiley: Usual checks : tyres , suspension , fluids (oil and water) , brake pad depth left Tyre pressures left unchanged Car in full road spec How the day unfolded ............

got up at 6am
crawled out my pit to go outside and wash the car in the dark!
Peer pressure with knowing TC might appear meant that sleep was secondary to a clean car.
so far so good as its still reasonably warm (not freezing at least anway) and its not raining , the roads were still very damp though.

car nice a shiny after some Megs quick detailer, I head off to Oulton Park and arrive 7:45 am ish.
Its still dark and pretty empty as I drive through the entrance and park up near the restaurant.
Odd to arrive without huge crowds and queues at the entrance gates for things like BSB days.
More like an empty service station………

Small queue for signing on. Already lots of cars in the pit lane garages.
I believe its first come, first served, so if you get there early enough you can bag a prime spot.
Would be cool on a group day to have a pile of Mk5’s lined up for a garage group shot.

You need both parts of your driving licence and in exchange you get a red wrist band (licence/payment details confirmed) and a large white sticker to be placed on your windscreen for the duration of the day.
Sign on is between 7.30 and 8.20 , any later and you are bumped into a later session = missing track time.
I head inside and grab a bacon butty/barm mmmmm tasty and a coffee.
Just a shame this part of the world has these ‘barm’ things as opposed to a nice Scottish crispy morning roll ………

Hall begins to fill up, then at 8:45 we get the days briefing.
Flags to expect, warnings about track slippyness (esp Druids), rules and what level of driving is expected of us.
The guy giving it was very professional and amusing.
You now get a white wristband (briefing attendance confirmed)

I then wander down to garage 25 (that the event organisers have comendeared for the day)
And hire a very nice new RST XL helmet for £10 for the day (credit card etc used as a deposit)
I also book a session with an instructor for £25, seems sensible to do so.

9:30am , woohoo time to jump in the car, everyone queues up at the entrance to the track.
towing eyes to be fitted if you have them (remember its a reverse thread on the GTI)
Large white sticker must be on windscreen, and it now has a 'tick' added to prove you passed brief scrutineering.

first time out its sighting laps behind a 'lead safety' car (new Clio Sport in white).
I was in the second group and was the first car waiting to go on, for a brief moment I was slightly concerned I was going to have to lead and set the pace for the group ! eeek

luckily the clio turned up and I could relax.......
straight out onto track behind the clio.
approx 50 mph , following the clio’s lines and keeping an eye on the cones placed on track
(turn-in/apex and exit points)
already I’m starting to get a feel for how quick this track is going to be.
Its feels good to be out on track and my nerves have started to settle a little.

3 laps and chequered flag is out.
Pull in and re- queue immediately lol. Sound checks now performed. You are asked your max revs.
I said 7k rpm, so i had to hold the car at 5200 rpm steady for a noise reading to be taken.
Passed and my white sticker gets a red dot now too.
I run a std exhaust so its virtually silent. (note to self , next mod exhaust)

Its now 10 ish and I can get a few laps in before my instruction session at 10:20, common sense says I maybe shouldnt, practicality says I can be sensible and get maximum laps in as the light is going to fade around 3.30 pm. needless to say I went out :-)
helmet on. I’m finally out on my own, without a lead car on a very wet track!
my heart thumps as I accelerate out of the pitlane, checking my mirrors for approaching cars down the pit straight.
ESP is of course on. taking it very easy.

Oulton only really needs 3rd and 4th gear (maybe 5th if you are really on it, which I wasn’t)
Cascades taken in 4th (for this lap) , ease it round , straighten the wheel and feed the power in
(its easy to feel the point where too much power would wash the front out with understeer), must stay off the power later that expected.

Up the hill 'Lakeside', full power 3d and 4th easily, I’m choosing to lift a little and dab the brakes for entry into 'Island Bend' , here its pretty easy to lose the rear.

Pull the car straight for serious braking into ‘Shell’, down to 3rd.
turn right into Shell, boy oh boy do you notice the banking and camber of this corner.
neck straining looking where you want to go.

again steady throttle waiting for the apex and for the exit, full 3rd and 4th again, tweak right then straighten for hard braking into the first chicane 'Foulston/Hill Top' ?, back into third and take the chicane easy and dont 'attack it' left first then right,

waiting, waiting, waiting for the exit , trying to ease the throttle on, slight hump in the road unsettles the front and ESP flashes almost every time. wheel straight, run wide off to the right and nail it up the hill....
(here you really notice the 4wd cars gain ground on this exit and really punish you up the hill)

going over the top of the hill , flat out in 4th (5th if you are very brave), reckoned I saw over 110mph at this point.
Easy to keep WOT but you then start to come downhill, and the braking point for a hard right looms.
This was probably the biggest stop for me, braking VERY hard, pulling 3rd when appropriate and trying to complete it all before hanging a right into 'Fosters' ?
there is run off straight ahead should you need it.
hard right (how close do you want to get to the wall of tyres?) , stay wide then hard left , let it run wide steady throttle and

chase the car round a right and then WOT into 4th and up clay hill, how brave are you ?
ESP flashes as you go light over the brow and the rear trys to break away (!)
speed now raised significantly and your’e approaching Druids where the overhanging trees make it slippier than the rest of the circuit!
We were warned about this corner and rightly so.
I managed to achieve a good rhythm but Druid did give me more than a few scares. I always though Id braked enough, only to feel my 'ring twitch as the camber drops off, the rear starts to break away and the ESP starts flashing.......

stay left then pull it into the apex , WOT 3rd and 4th , ease left and hard break again into 3rd and turn right into Druids.
A good turn in here really effects you speed into the dip and up onto the pit straight.
Each and every time round the g forces from Druids and up are addictive, like a carnival ride.
full 3rd and 4th up and over , I could pull 5th but I never did past the pits.
I proceeded to do 8 laps then came in for some instruction lol

back out for a short time with my instructor, Simon seemed ok with my driving (and liked the GTI), my biggest fault was letting off the brake non progressively which was unsettling the car more than it should. I needed to match my smooth braking with smooth 'unbraking'

came back in after 4 laps for the early lunch 10:45 planned. Simon happy to go out again later to see how I’d improved.

Lunch from 10:45 to 11:15, this was a rescheduled time to suit a hunt going past at some point!
wander round, everyone seemed very friendly. Lots of nice cars.

11:15 back out , for continuous laps ;-) I just didnt stop all day. Once youve started , you just dont want to stop.
Each and every time you find yourself with different groups of cars.
If they are faster let them past (overtake on the right only) and then watch their lines and try and keep up.

TC turns up at 1pm, I take a break to go and fill the car up with fuel, I had used 3/4 of a tank !
A dry line started to appear and the understeer started to go away, with the ability to carry more speed and throttle through corners. Down into cascades started to get very quick indeed ......

Tony d turned up around 2pm and we all had a chat.
I left the track around 2.30pm as I reckoned Id had my fun and didnt want to push lady luck.

Plus Points

Huge fun
Fast and safe in comparison to the roads
Relatively cheap (for the amount of track time you get)
Improve track craft and knowlegde of limits of the car, should you ever need them on the road.
High quality event planning and running by trackdays.co.uk/focused events.
Couldnt fault them from organisation through to execution.
Great driver instruction provided by Simon on the day. helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable.
Everyones friendly on the day
Huge levels of respect on the day. Everyone seemed to respect overtaking rules and let people through.
Great circuit with sufficient difficulty to be a learning experience over a protracted period of time. You will want to go again.

Minus Points

Knackering , Im acheing all over the day after
Without insurance, you are putting the entire value of your car on the line (not including personal cover either!)
You have to consider the worst case scenario.
Wet track in December (although I think this was actually a benefit having done it). I went into this event thinking I wanted a dry track, but now I dont. I want to try both. Dry = higher speeds and the potential for
bigger accidents. wet means you very quickly find out the grip levels and adjust you driving accordingly,more of a technical discipline.
you need to spend money on preparation and consumables.
Increased wear on brake pads/discs/drivetrain components/tyres etc
you will get addicted and want to do it again :innocent:

Type of Cars on the day :

hot hatches through to custom machinery
slk amg mercedes

the way a car looks and any preconception you had about its 'known' speed dont apply on the track!
I often found cars I expected to be faster werent, and conversly slower looking cars to blitz by me lol


What an absolute blast, best thing Ive done in a while.
Brakes never faded, car held together and the muppet at the wheel survived for another day :signLOL:
Roll on next year so I can scrub TopCats, R888's it :P

A must do , for all car enthusiasts :notworthy:

[u][b]End of day statistics[/b][/u]

£135 day payment
£10 helmet hire
£25 track tuition
£30 for the photos
£60 petrol
£10 food
£550 brakes
£??? General wear and tear

so its a £100 day that cost £830 :grin:

remembered to reset both trips so
12.8MPG / 1 tank of fuel / 120 miles

Island Circuit is 2.3 miles , so that’s roughly 50 laps!

TD top tip : left foot brake to settle the car for increased traction out of corners :happy2:

some more pics I found online of the day :

[url=http://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/showthread.php?p=121532] >> black M3 E46 pics << [/url] [url=http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=32593] >> couple of lotus elise pics << [/url]

first poster indicates the GT3 and TVR both went off :scared: , must have been after I left!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Motorola Droid or Nokia N900 : tough choice!


all I know is my Samsung i7500 is going out of date far too quickly.

isnt it always the way , pah!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

2nd Dec 09 : Winter Hill 2nd retune freeview : Pace Twin EPG returns : failed recordings

a while back I posted about adding favourites to allow the Pace Twin to display the EPG


well today 2nd Dec 09 , after another retune its back in normal mode
(without favourites)!
must have a reduced number of channels and thats why it now works.

The bad side is that I have had a few failed recordings now (odd behaviour mid way through recording not the usual 2 sec recording) , as a poster to my blog mentioned.......

hopefully the new retune will sort it out, but Im not holding my breath.
Pace Twin days may be numbered....

ADC 2 winners


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Google Maps Navigation now available for 1.6 (Donut))

release for 2.0 only not so long ago, but google have surprised everyone by now making it for 1.6!

(well sort of as my i7500 is still at 1.5!)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Motoral Droid aka Milestone with android 2.0 now available in UK

this is THE phone to have at this point ....
if I could afford it I would be buying it to replace my Samsung i7500 Galaxy.

Motoral Milestone 2.0 on Expansys

£450 aint too bad.
not forgetting an extra 30 quid for the 'bedside' or 'beside your work pc'
docking station
:-) very slick

Im stuck for now but if Samsung dont update the Galaxy to 2.0 then Im forced to move on.
Phone still works well though on 1.5 release

Saturday, 28 November 2009

GTI Edition 30 APR Stage 1 map update

as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I heard on the grapevine that there could be updated maps for ED30 cars.
So friday I reckoned it would be rude not to go into Awesome Manchester for an update :-)
They were very accomodating and helpful as ever applying an update to the car at 4.30pm.
Ive no idea what the changes are but first signs are very encouraging.
throttle travel vs boost seems much more 'controllable'
it also appears that boost is held much better as the revs increase rather than dropping from the initial 'spike'
time will tell............

345mm cross drilled S3 (same as R32) front brakes fitted to Golf GTI Edition 30 (std are 312mm)

a full review to follow in due course but given that a track day looms I have succumbed to a slight upgrade ;-)

S3 front brakes, std pads and goodridge braided hoses

here they are laid out for fitting :

From Johns Car Blog

the Edition 30 original setup 312mm x 25mm single pot :

From Johns Car Blog

getting fitted by ADS Preston, 345mm x 30mm single pot:

From Johns Car Blog

blurry but good :

From Johns Car Blog

up and running :

From Johns Car Blog

Monday, 23 November 2009

HD freeview rollout but alas no equipment

check the details here
HDTV rollout
there are however a few 'issues'

1.no hdtv freeview tuners are available yet lol
2. lots of people are gonna be pretty p*ssed if theyve just bought SD freeview boxes for the recent switchover dates (Nov and Dec 2009)

great idea , dunno if it works , but its certainly not gonna be cheap for a HD freeview PVR.
plus lots of people are gonna be confused as to the difference between an HD ready Tv and an HD freeview tuner !

First LHC collision events detected!

well if you were checking the portal page you will have seen this under the section 'live log' of the CMS ....

all they need to do is turn up the wick and the universe may yet reveal its secrets ...

LHC Portal : lots of great realtime info


of note
LHC : "Page 1" for the detectors running status
Status Op : shows you the detectors online

all fascinating stuff in real time!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Android 2.0 on i7500 Galaxy petition

Just in case Samsung think they can get away with leaving us i7500 Galaxy users with Android 1.5, no way!
Add your name to below , we want 2.0 at least .......
Android 2.0 for i7500
dunno if the petition site is ok, so may want to use a disposable email address

Friday, 20 November 2009

BBC IPlayer channel on Wii


you used to be able to navigate to Iplayer on the Wii using the InternetChannel, but now nintendo have released a new specific channel for UK users and its free :-)

Best of all it works well , slick interface , defaults to full screen and the resolution looks to be far better than before.

Go download it from the shopping channel now ..

preview of Google Chrome OS


its an OS based around Chrome browser
notably boot up time 7 seconds ....

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Miglior Professional Car Detailing

just a blatant plug for Jays website for his professional detailing business, top guy , top work , highly reccomended ....

heres xome comments from mk5golfgti.co.uk :

I love car detailing (as a keen amateur) and have previously done it all myself, but this year decided I would enlist the services of a pro (JPC).

Initially it does appear to be a relatively large outlay (but compare it to tuning parts and it isnt....) for paintwork.
Thats the misconception.

If you have the time , then by all means learn from the pros and buy the right kit and DIY
but this will cost you a reasonable outlay. If you will stick at it and have the patience to learn the right way to do things , then go this way

But as we all know time is limited , and the days of having 2-3 days free to clean a car just never happens when you have wife/kids/dogs/houses/jobs... insert selfish other tasks here to look after......

Yes I want to do it myself , but no I just dont have the time.
I can only confirm that my car was well looked after and came back like glass
Using the correct washing procedure I have only washed it and lightly detailed it to keep it looking fresh.
No more than 2 hrs tops and its back to gleaming.....
hassle free gorgeous car everytime , and its now > 6 months later

its a balance but you pay professionals to look after your engine / add mods , so i dont see why the same principal doesnt apply to car detailing.
Yes you can DIY , but ultimately a well known and trusted professional will be able to do create a better finish , that lasts longer, in less time using the correct finishes for your specific car

for me this is Miglior Detailing aka 'JPC' due to location and he's someone from the forum I can trust.
based on location though this can apply to your local 'trusted' detailing professional.

this was not intended to be a advert , but a comparison of DIY vs Professional detailing


get it done :-)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg update

380 miles @ 31.4 MPG
also crossed the 30,000 mile barrier :-)

From Johns Car Blog

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009

Pace Twin PVR : no EPG after freeview retune

From Johns Car Blog

North West UK , so we had another freeview retune recently.
Only this time the trusty (and somewhat dated!) Pace Twin freeview recorder had lost its entire EPG guide , and no matter how long I waited it would never load....
funnily enough it did work if I selected 'Info' button to view current EPG and next program for a single channel.
A quick websearch unusually didnt turn up much (which was a surprise).
But at last I found the following gem...

Pace Twin - GENERAL thread (not bugs) on DigitalSpy.co.uk by pacetwin and davidbrown
thanks guys

The problem with the Twin is it's got limited EPG space, originally designed for 30 channels which have grown to over twice that, and every time a new part time channel starts it's EPG has to be stored. Pace decided that showing the programme times was important and then to load the details where there was room left. An algorithm is used to decide which programmes get the details. Sometimes you will see the last day in the EPG has gaps, this is the PACE prioritizing. Not sure how it works but I assume it fills in today and tomorrow first and then day-time programmes over night-time ones.

When I asked Tech Support many years ago they said 'details' may show for a while and then disappear as the Pace reallocates the EPG memory. Using a Favourites list means it doesn't have to store channels you will not see so more memory is available for the details.

I have 2 lists one for my favourite TV channels (TV ONLY) and one for the Radio channels (RADIO ONLY). Before going to the EPG I switch to the TV ONLY list using the left/right arrow keys and then press EPG. When I come out from the EPG I either stay in TV Only or switch back to the FULL list.

The less channels you have in your list the faster the EPG loads.

so there you go!
'Menu' button , select 'Your TV Lists', right arrow to select 'List 1'
right arrow , then right arrow to add each channel , remember to hit the green button to save your selections.
best try it just with BBC1 first to see if your EPG loads.

'List' then right arrow to select 'List 1' , OK to watch.
you will be limited to the channels you added. but its easy to switch back to 'All channels' if reqd

voila my 'restricted' list EPG now loads.
means I dont have to bin it just yet , but its days are probably numbered.......
trying to hold out for an HD freeview box though ;-)

heres a cool mod site for the Pace Twin
Pace Twin Wiki data

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg update

355 miles @ 28.8 MPG

Ferrari and Porsche driving at Prestwold Hall

there were 2 vouchers bought for me over xmas 2008, so they needed to be taken.
Ferrari thrill and Porsche thrill.

4 laps in a ST Focus to learn the track
then 4 laps in a yellow 360
then 4 laps in a silver 997

Really well organised, and very easy to get sucked in to purchase extra laps in the other cars there.

I preferred the 997 tbh , manual gearbox and a much better 'feel' than the 360
the semi auto change in the 360 was absolute rubbish! made a nice sound though.
track is small at 1.8 miles and laps soon pass.

Its a very controlled environment which i can understand.
Full credit to everyman racing , and definitely a fantastic day out

Next up Im at Oulton Park in the Edition 30 ;-)

Lots of lovely performance cars
Lambos,430,elise,GTR,impreza,r8 etc , check out the pics.

Everyman Racing Driving Days

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Motorola Droid Phone Review

check out the review at

A new king is born ........

Android has just taken another giant leap :-)
I can only hope they port Android 2.0 to the Samsung i7500

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Golf gti edition 30 : 30k mile service / mpg update

57 plate , 30k miles service due.
Car now 2 yrs old.

decided to go with Gilbert Lawton Manchester again (supplying dealer) on a while you wait basis. Specified use of LongLifeOil and NOT to wash the car....
Been good so far, and once again all went smoothly , 1.5 hrs for service and also a brake fluid change.

2 R32's and a 5dr Edition 30 , all around £20k !
From Johns Car Blog

Mk6 GTI with ABT kit. Kit was nice , wheels are horrible.......

From Johns Car Blog

From Johns Car Blog

the bill!
£216 , inc brake fluid change , long life oil adds £25 !!!

From Johns Car Blog

355 miles @ 28.8MPG , using Tesco 99RON for this tank (vouchers + clubcard lol)

From Johns Car Blog

oh dear Im hooked again : Metroid Prime 1


From Johns Car Blog

Monday, 2 November 2009

google analytics sample report

get one of these each month. Pretty cool and works well.
Notice the spike mid month when a pile of SeatCupra.net users downloaded a scanned review.
Get your own at Google Analytics page

From Johns Car Blog

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Friday, 30 October 2009

Particles are back in the LHC!

countdown is ticking to restart of the worlds biggest science experiment..

from CERN website

Last weekend (23-25 October) particles once again entered the LHC after the one-year interruption following the incident of September 2008. Particles travelled through one sector clockwise and one anticlockwise. ALICE and LHCb, the two experiments sitting along the portion of the beam lines in question, were able to observe the first effects of real beams in the machine.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Android Eclair 2.0 SDK released / GoogleMaps Turn by Turn Nav

well the android bus just never stops ....

Motorola Droid phone launched
Motorola Droid specs..

which runs the newly released
Android 2.0 Eclair
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)

On October 26, 2009 the Eclair (2.0) SDK was released. Among the changes are :
New application icons
Optimized hardware speed
"Car Home" app
Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
Revamped UI
New browser UI
New contact lists
Better white/black ratio for backgrounds
Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
Microsoft Exchange support
Built in flash support for Camera
Digital Zoom
Improved virtual keyboard
Bluetooth 2.1

but the best bit is multiple email accounts woohoo

woohoo , I can only hope samsung release a i7500 version soon (remember we havent even had Donut 1.6 yet!).
I'm still running I4 which has Cupcake 1.5

and even more icing on the Eclair (2.0) lol, they have also released FREE turn by turn sat nav ...

only works on 2.0 thought.

lots of lovely new features, and no need to pay for nav any more (but i'll have to keep CoPilot until a 2.0 android release is available)

alas , there may never be an Eclair 2.0 release for the i7500 , but we can only hope.
Whats certain is that google are pushing on to dominate the handheld market with Android (and that now includes netbooks etc)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

new MINI : low oil pressure warning after oil service? heres the reason

Got a new shape MINI ??? recently had an oil filter change (service) , and now the oil pressure light comes on at idle???

the filter has probably been incorrectly fitted !!!!
Get it fixed ASAP.
Some info after a friend at work had a similar issue.


Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes Wii = rubbish

no more to say , its utter rubbish , the developers should be ashamed to let this be released on a modern platform.

cut scenes are ok and give the 'impression' of a slick game but once past them its like an arcade game from the 80's (graphic quality included)

total waste of money, played for 20 minutes and now going on ebay...

makes Dead Space look EVEN better than 8/10.

other Dead Space Extraction reviews > 8 /10

from Game Rankings website

gets really good overall comments

GamingTrend 10/26/09 Review 88 out of 100
NZGamer 10/20/09 Review 8.5 out of 10
Console Obsession 10/16/09 Review 9 out of 10
Game Over Online 10/15/09 Review 85 out of 100
Zentendo 10/14/09 Review 8 out of 10
GameFocus 10/14/09 Review 9.9 out of 10
Nintendojo 10/13/09 Review 9 out of 10
GamingExcellence 10/13/09 Review 9.1 out of 10
Edge Magazine UK 11/01/09 Review 9 out of 10
Da GameBoyz 10/12/09 Review 8.5 out of 10

Monday, 26 October 2009

car tax time!

Car tax time.
Ibiza was preregistered , so it has come up at the same time as the GTI.

New Ibiza 5 door 1.4 16v (85 PS) = £125 = 1.4 engine

Golf 2.0 TFSI (230 PS) DSG GTI Edition 30 = £215 = 2.0 Turbo

Seat Ibiza 1.4 Ibiza Sport / Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg updates

a few more miles on the Seat Ibiza , 398 miles @ 41.8MPG
From Johns Car Blog

and for the Golf Edition 30 Apr stage 1
358 miles @ 29.9 MPG

From Johns Car Blog

Thursday, 22 October 2009

completed Dead Space Extraction on Normal

yep indeedy, around 8-10 hrs playing time to the end.
pretty easy and only got killed 3 times I reckon, a lot easier that Metroid Prime Trilogy.
BUT thats only on 'Normal' , so I reckon it gets very hard very quickly going up a bit on the level difficulty.....

its a fantastic game though , the controls work well, speed and graphics are brilliant. only couple of times the frame rate slowed in heavy battles.
very immersive story , and pretty creepy if you play it at night with the lights off.

8/10 , buy it ...

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dead Space Extraction Wii walkthrough found

Chapters in Dead Space Extraction Wii :

Im already at chapter 8 : IN THE HEARTS OF MEN , but I finally found a walkthrough :

Dead Space Extraction Wii Walkthrough on GameFAQS.com


success! H6 to I4 firmware O2 UK Samsing I7500 using NPS

I backed up my installed apps to sd card using Astro first.

uninstalled the previous NPS
downloaded the new NPS
still wouldnt recognise the phone , no options in the upgrade dropdown WTF !
Anyway I manually uninstalled (via AddRemovePrograms in Control Panel) , NPS AND all the associated drivers one by one.
then restarted PC and reinstalled NPS
This time it worked!
only mode available is upgrade (i.e. the rest of the software is useless , you cant even backup!)

phone restarted just fine.
I have not done a reset yet
As reported in the forums the keyboard has changed , and for me it was no longer popping up when trying to create a text message (at this point I got worried).
However going into Gmail and creating a message and it started to work :-)

this may not be an issue if you reset the phone after the upgrade.
All data remained including apps.
I4 has the new switchers widget to toggle settings
Be interesting to see how the battery life is now .....

From Johns Car Blog

Samsung I7500 new NPS 1.3.0.IJ1 allows O2 UK phones to upgrade to I4

at last it seems I can update my firmware using an official method..
A new NPS means the 'unsupported device' message is gone and you can upgrade to I7500XXII4
(im on H6 just now)

will check for bugs in I4 before upgrading then go for it :-) woohoo

new NPS software link on Androidforums.com

new NPS download 1.3.0.vIJ1
Samsung download for NPS 1.3.0.vIJ1

apparently the LHC/Universe is stopping itself from working

Universe unwilling to reveal its secrets ???

"A pair of otherwise distinguished physicists have suggested that the hypothesized Higgs boson, which physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be so abhorrent to nature that its creation would ripple backward through time and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather"

mmmmmmm interesting hypothesis, feels like an episode of FlashForward

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

only 75 more years of faster computers....

only 75 more yrs of Moores Law!

"A pair of physicists has shown that computers have a speed limit as unbreakable as the speed of light. If processors continue to accelerate as they have in the past, we'll hit the wall of faster processing in less than a century."

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

hitler downfall parody clips

theres a few funny clips along these lines , but this is android related lol

heres a michael jackson one

Etymotic ER4P spare filters and ear buds

Have a fancy set of Etymotic ER4P in earphones plugged into my ipod for running.
Brilliant sound , but they inevitably lose sound after a while due to ear wax clogging the filters.
They are replaceable, along with the ear buds themselves.
Few places do the spares but I recently found a shop on ebay :
Etymotic ER4 spares on EBAY
ordered filters and new ear buds £11.50 for each the cheapest Ive found anywhere...
usually last a few months.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg update

260 miles @ 26 MPG , a bit of a low mpg tank this one
but my excuse is that I havent driven it lol
Amy has been using it (while I use the Ibiza), clearly she has a lead foot.
Either car , doesnt matter , with me driving its 5-10 MPG more ....

From Johns Car Blog

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

patience is wearing thin...Samsung I7500 switches off

phones been running well , no forced closes , good battery life ...
then over the last 2 days Ive had 2 instances when the phones just switched off!!!!

Only things Ive done differently are
1. performed a lot of application updates (either thru market , but mostly via aTrackDog (superb app btw))
2. added the Calendar widget to the RH desktop

ho hum, on both ocassions I needed to physically remove the battery to allow me to switch back on (long press on end call button)

Not impressed.
Im stuck on H6 firmware , I have always maintained I would try and upgrade officially via NPS software but if this continues I'll be doing it manually as I believe the later firmwares are better.

However as we all know , better the devil we know and H6 for me is in general pretty stable.

To Samsung : this phone is good but if all the bugs were ironed out and NPS was fixed fully this would be a class leader. missed opportunity.....

Monday, 5 October 2009

samsung i7500 battery life continued....

quick update

managed 6am sat to 8pm today (monday) 14+48 = 62 hrs on a single charge! woohoo
occasional text/internet/messaging with everything turned on (except GPS)

using my own experience and from the
Android Forums
its clear that any pressing of buttons whilst locked causes battery drain.
Of note the most likely candidate is the camera button which had a two stage press.
So just keep an eye on it , if your battery drains quickly.
that includes the case that comes in the box!

I would definitely recommend the clear case cover.
However because its brittle plastic it has limitations too, namely the tabs on mine have broken when I tried to seperate the 2 halves for the 3rd time...sigh
Its a good case though.

no update yet on when if ever Samsung will provide a working NPS for us UK users!
I would love to upgrade my firmware officially but alas not yet.
also waiting realy hoping they also release a 1.6 firmware too

Friday, 2 October 2009



fed up of tiresome newbies posting on forums without doing simple web searches...
Heres the ultimate tool, records a 'faked search' to hint to others how its done lol

try it out

simple but useful dead space extraction wii tips video

Thursday, 1 October 2009

YouTube : 100 greatest hits in 4 minutes

idea for iPhone/Android widget : iEarn : how much money youve earnt hr/day/month/yr

came to me today and idea for an app.

You set an hourly rate (contractor) or your annual leave , yr wages etc.
Then the widget displays your accumulated earnings for hr/day/month/yr , whatever you like...
which increment by the second


notifications for

tax limits hit
items you could have bought with todays/weeks wages link to web
% targets to item you want "you are 20% towards a Ferrari 456" lol


bit pricey , limited range but hey it looks cool.
But not for fatties (100kg limit) , gonna have to keep on those 10k runs lol

Yikebike website

Google Apps Status Dashboard

its rare but recently gmail has been offline....
heres the page to check if you suspect theres an issue.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30k service GTI due / Seat Ibiza Sport 1.4 mpg / i7500 home screens

eeek , the service indicator popped up today !
last service was 20k in march, now thats a bit quick.

From Johns Car Blog

Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport MPG
used for commuting to work , while Amy uses the GTI !

330 miles @ 42 MPG
(yes thats over 10mpg up on her usual commute , must be the driver lol)

From Johns Car Blog

Samsung i7500 home screen shots
reckoned it was time to show my phone

Main home screen
Note the 'hero' style Weather Widget Donate
as well as the Battery Status Donate
both look great , perform well and dont drain your battery, so well worth paying for.

From Johns Car Blog

and the left swipe screen is
with RSS feed widgets and share price apps

From Johns Car Blog

right swipe screen is just various links for other apps but kept clear.

standard android has 3 screens (Left/Middle/Right) , but you can get more if you root and add a home replacement pack.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

first ever 10k run success !

What a great feeling having completed the 10k run this morning at Tatton Park for Cancer Research UK.

6.16 miles took 01hr:12min:13sec at an average pace of 11:43 min/mile, at a new high average of 5.1 mph woohoo
My best time ever.

Congratulations also to Greg , who did even better and managed 56 minutes !

I'm sure Nicola would have been proud of me today.

Before the run :
From 10k run Cancer Research UK Tatton Park

during :
From 10k run Cancer Research UK Tatton Park

From 10k run Cancer Research UK Tatton Park
and after :

From 10k run Cancer Research UK Tatton Park

heres my total training session summary from the Garmin watch :
note the totals , I have ran 47 times , done over 150 miles and 35 hrs jogging and burned 25,000 calories :-)

Date Distance (mi) Time Avg. pace (min/mi) Avg. speed (mph) Calories
18/05/2009 20:05 1.53 00:26:17 17:11 3.5 207
20/05/2009 19:25 1.49 00:23:26 15:45 3.8 214
23/05/2009 09:42 1.47 00:20:33 14:00 4.3 224
25/05/2009 11:49 1.62 00:46:16 28:32 2.1 225
25/05/2009 13:55 1.53 00:36:04 23:38 2.5 214
27/05/2009 19:03 1.52 00:20:54 13:44 4.4 234
29/05/2009 20:47 1.56 00:21:59 14:04 4.3 244
31/05/2009 11:58 1.62 00:43:03 26:37 2.3 225
31/05/2009 13:55 1.91 00:44:12 23:08 2.6 245
01/06/2009 18:29 1.48 00:19:52 13:24 4.5 255
03/06/2009 18:09 2.07 00:28:10 13:35 4.4 337
05/06/2009 19:06 2.23 00:30:13 13:34 4.4 337
07/07/2009 18:31 1.48 00:21:07 14:15 4.2 232
09/07/2009 18:12 2.88 00:39:32 13:44 4.4 424
11/07/2009 17:52 3.1 00:44:29 14:21 4.2 416
13/07/2009 18:28 1.44 00:19:13 13:20 4.5 245
16/07/2009 18:51 1.49 00:19:17 12:58 4.6 255
18/07/2009 09:19 2.94 00:37:28 12:44 4.7 531
20/07/2009 18:32 1.46 00:18:41 12:47 4.7 254
22/07/2009 18:17 2.19 00:27:57 12:45 4.7 381
24/07/2009 17:25 3.49 00:46:46 13:25 4.5 544
26/07/2009 17:33 2.72 00:36:10 13:18 4.5 430
28/07/2009 18:07 3.76 00:50:33 13:26 4.5 602
30/07/2009 17:53 3.91 00:52:07 13:19 4.5 628
01/08/2009 19:15 1.47 00:20:12 13:44 4.4 249
03/08/2009 17:19 2.7 00:35:33 13:11 4.6 450
05/08/2009 17:03 3.51 00:47:21 13:28 4.5 561
08/08/2009 08:44 4.15 00:53:36 12:55 4.6 722
10/08/2009 17:53 4.13 00:55:23 13:25 4.5 641
13/08/2009 17:14 3.77 00:48:01 12:45 4.7 668
15/08/2009 10:04 4.78 01:04:32 13:29 4.4 785
17/08/2009 17:50 4.93 01:06:34 13:30 4.4 777
20/08/2009 18:07 5.08 01:09:10 13:37 4.4 778
22/08/2009 07:57 2.94 00:39:06 13:18 4.5 515
24/08/2009 16:57 5.89 01:17:38 13:10 4.6 972
26/08/2009 17:33 2.43 00:36:13 14:55 4 396
28/08/2009 17:11 6.32 01:23:14 13:10 4.6 1,034
31/08/2009 16:35 3.75 00:49:42 13:14 4.5 604
02/09/2009 18:29 3.48 00:44:42 12:51 4.7 587
04/09/2009 18:42 3.8 00:50:47 13:22 4.5 629
07/09/2009 18:11 4.78 01:02:09 13:01 4.6 864
10/09/2009 19:34 3.79 00:48:33 12:48 4.7 672
13/09/2009 10:05 4.77 01:01:36 12:55 4.6 863
16/09/2009 17:28 5.11 01:08:52 13:29 4.5 845
18/09/2009 17:02 6.36 01:23:09 13:05 4.6 1,087
21/09/2009 18:03 4.77 01:03:50 13:23 4.5 816
23/09/2009 18:17 3.79 00:50:01 13:13 4.5 665
26/09/2009 10:34 6.16 01:12:13 11:43 5.1 1,210
Total 153.55 35:26:26 13:51 4.3 25,293

few more pics can be found by clicking link pic below :

10k run Cancer Research UK Tatton Park

I have also moved the widget link to here as the runs now over...
10k run on 26th Sept 09

Thursday, 24 September 2009

new day , new Wii game : Dead Space Extraction ...

still playing Metroid Trilogy series but heres another one dropping on my mat tomorrow...

Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction ScreenshotSee More Dead Space Extraction Screenshot at IGN.com


will let you know how it goes :-)
(after Ive done my 10k run on Saturday!)

battery drops 80% in one day! i7500

well for a while I was getting much more than 36 hrs per charge.
Then today it dropped 10% in each hour WTF!

WHY , well I havent installed anything new , or changed my usage.
What I did do though is put the phone inside a clear gel case......
turns out it was slightly touching the buttons
(I worked this out becuase the home button wouldnt work on several ocassions until I lifted an edge of the gel case .....)

so a word of warning , if you have poor battery life , check the case !!!
May even be worth trying it without for 24 hrs.


samsung i7500 I7500XXII5 firmware source

check it out , a sephail has managed to find out how to get new firmwares from samsung server.

And he's just pulled I7500XXII5 !


you will need one load odin from


and remember to delete the CSC file

I will give it a few days then I'll probably be updating , its just too tempting...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

aDyno : dyno performance calculator for Android

at last ! iphone users are spoilt with the gorgeous 'Dynolicious' , and up until now there hasnt been anything of note for Android, but now we have


From Johns Car Blog

its free from the market and currently on v0.01 Beta 9.
looks to be frequently updated by the developer and so far looks really slick :-)
hopefully in time it will become perfect.

will try a run later to see how it fares.

Real Time Actual Satellite Tracking

yep , its geeky but truly fascinating at the same time :-)
Wonder whether the International Space Station is overhead?


Select your fave
Then select "Single tracking Track it now!"

Voila , real time satellite tracking in googlemaps??..

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

gti edition 30 mpg update / ibiza 1.4 sport mpg

Edition 30 : 341 miles @ 30.5 MPG

From Johns Car Blog

Ibiza 1.4 : 290 miles @ 33.1 MPG !!!! eeek
(of note I've been running it for work this week and Im already over a 40mpg average , will post up when the tanks dry ...)

From Johns Car Blog

i7500 on O2 now with new firmware / i7500 update

got mine a few weeks ago and it shipped with H6
now a few users are reporting they have I7500XXII4 !
seems theres a lot of changes and fixes being applied (which is good)

check out
i7500 world article
for the full story and links to android forum.

NPS still doesnt work (cmon Samsung sort this out FFS!) , so it needs to be done by Odin.
Reckon I'll upgrade soon , but Id really prefer to be able to do it directly via NPS...........

Also got some cases off ebay , which seem pretty good so far.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Seat Ibiza Sport Black 1.4 : original info

heres the original spiel to sell the sport black ;-) :

The SEAT Ibiza 5dr Black is an Ibiza that is sure to turn heads. This limited edition is based on the already elegant Ibiza 5dr 1.4 Sport, limited to just 150 cars this newcomer adds a raft of smart extras to the standard supermini?s chic shape.

The limited edition Ibiza Black of course sports the same top notch quality, practicality, safety and equipment as the standard Ibiza 5dr Sport ? meaning a class-leading package of value, as well as style.

The limited edition offering has the ?go? to match its ?show? courtesy of a free-revving 1.4-litre 85 PS petrol engine mated to a smooth and precise five-speed manual gearbox. A top speed of 108 mph and 0-62 mph time of 12.2 seconds sits alongside combined CO2 emissions of just 149 g/km and impressive combined fuel economy of 45.6 mpg.

Combine that with a particularly low insurance group ? 3E ? and it?s easy to see why SEAT is confident the Ibiza Black will appeal to the head, as much as the heart, of today?s cost-conscious new car buyers.

Extensive styling extras at a glance:

17 inch arch filling alloy wheels
Unique front & rear bumpers with side skirts
Striking tailgate roof spoiler
Dark tinted rear windows
Black magic metallic paint finish
Discrete but effective tailgate badging
Full features & specification

The SEAT Ibiza 5dr Black has an eye-catching paint job of Black Magic metallic.
Priced at just ?12,560.
The new SEAT Ibiza 5dr comes with a 3 year/60,000 mileage warranty.

CoPilot Sat Nav for Android / Samsung i7500 Galaxy

well after using TomTom on my N95 (with a seperate GPS bluetooth unit) , it was time to try something new.

TomTom has yet to release an Android version (they have just released Iphone version though)

There are a few free android sat nav apps but by far the (only) paid option is

CoPilot 8 for Android

available from the Android Market for ?25

heres a review of TomTom VS CoPilot (on the Iphone but same really)

so far so good , works well.
Had a few issues initially , as once youve downloaded the app , you need to then download maps.
You can do this via the phone (WiFi only) or using a windows app
I chose to update via WiFi to my home router.
Download was seamless but CoPilot crashed once while loading the maps.
However all is OK now (I only have UK maps 187MB)

clear display , updates quickly , my only gripes are the voices are too late (but I think this is a system setting)
Button presses are slightly delayed while going through the menus but it becomes normal after a while, and the voices themselves are a little 'mechanical' compared to TomTom

One key point is you need a car charger !!!!
because the battery live is shocking at the best of times , but running GPS on it dies very quickly.

so far so good and its nice to have a change.

Belkin N1 Vision Router hidden subsystem menu

on my forum travels I found an 'easter egg' / hidden menu in the Belkin N1 vision modem/router

you must log on as normal then go to that page.
Also, if you type in ls /www/ then a list of menus are shown, look at the wifi.html
as an example

in fact found these , from WiFi forum thread

Line Stats (including dB and SNR readings)







Friday, 18 September 2009

Battlestar Galactica Full box set in blu ray....

From Johns Car Blog
Battlestar-Galactica- Blu Ray Review

just a shame it appears the US version has the cyclon model but us brits dont get one!
If youve never watched this series I thoroughly recommend it :-)

Android 1.6 aka Donut SDK released

From Johns Car Blog

Donut aka 1.6 SDK is released to developers , so that means it will soon be available as a build :-)

Check it out here
1.6 SDK release overview

major improvements for

Android Market ( and it really needed a better UI)
Performance tweaks and a battery tool (although 3rd party apps already provided this)
Connection functionality

more an evolution that a revolution but moving at a great place.

Running : damn 'stitch' , how to get rid of it

I have to say apart from my very first runs I have not been bothered by 'getting a stitch' . My general routine is running after work , so there's generally a large gap between my last 'food' and my run (2hrs > +)
but yesterday I had one of my worst runs ever :-(
stitch from 1 mile onwards to the end , I nearly gave up several times! (this was as well as my arm throbbing from cellulitis that Ive also managed to get from a frisky insect bite lol)

So heres some info below which may help alleviate the effects.
Forced exhalation I certainly tried on my run but it didnt work , plus its quite difficult while still running lol

3 stages to this I can see :

1 : preparing for running (dont eat too close etc)
2 : just before a run , stretching etc
3 : things you can do once it happens

from howitworks website some tips

Belly breathe. Most episodes of side stitch come from shallow breathing during exercise. While you exercise, try to breathe deeply and slowly, expanding the belly as well as the upper chest.

Try the "grunt" exhale. Making a grunting sound as you exhale seems to help relieve side stitch, possibly because it forces the diaphragm out of its taught "exhale" position.

Slow down. Being out of condition and exercising too intensely causes you to breathe quickly -- and more shallowly. Build your intensity slowly over the course of several weeks.

Stop. Some people, particularly competitive runners, believe you should "run through" a side stitch. However, unless you're in a race, the best idea is to stop completely until the pain subsides.

Use the "one hour" rule. If you've eaten a meal, wait at least an hour before exercising, because a full stomach does appear to cause problems for some people during exercise.

Massage it. Gently rub the area with your hands. Massage relaxes the muscles and helps increase blood flow to the area.

Use the "poke and blow" technique. One way to relieve diaphragm pressure is to push your fingers deeply into your belly just below your ribs on the right side. At the same time, purse your lips tightly and blow out as hard as you can.

Practice running fast. One of the possible causes of side stitch is weak abdominal and diaphragm muscles. To increase endurance and strengthen the diaphragm, try running fast a couple of times a week or inserting a couple of intervals of fast running during your regular, more moderately paced jog.

Strengthen your abs. Strong abdominal muscles can help prevent side stitch. Try doing bent-leg partial sit-ups (also known as crunches) in which you raise only the shoulders about six inches off the ground (they're less stressful to the back than full sit-ups). Or lie on your back with your legs stretched straight out, lift them a few inches off the ground, and hold for 20 to 30 seconds before lowering them back to the ground.

useful links (text above is from how stuff works)


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

android app : Astro : easy list installed apps and track for new updates

new to this android lark but always wanted a quick way to see what apps i have installed and keep them up to date.

Quick trawl of the interweb and the recomended candidate looks to be aTrackDog (http://www.cyrket.com/package/com.a0soft.gphone.aTrackDog).
Reviews all your installed apps and checks if an update is available , then links to store if you want to update! marvellous...
And today I found out if you hit Settings/Export Apps List , you can sent an exported list by txt or email ......
so heres mine.

Exported by aTrackDog at 07:44:17 2009/09/16

Google Maps,3.1.2
OI File Manager,1.0.0
Advanced Task Killer Free,1.4.4
Battery Status,1.2.1
Bluetooth Device Address,1.0.0
Camera Firmware,1.0
Factory Test,1.0
Google Sky Map,1.1
GPS Speedo,2.1
GPS Tracker,1.9.3
imeem Mobile,2.1.6
Locale,0.660 beta
My Tracks,1.0.5
Opera Mini,4.2
Places Directory,1.0.16
Quote Pro,1.2.4
Rehearsal Assistant,0.8.2
Retro Clock,1.1.1
Ringo Lite,1.2.6
SharePrice 1.2.2,1.2.2
SlideME App Installer,1.0
Spare Parts,1.5 Only
Star Tour,1.0
The Weather Channel,2.0.18
Toggle Settings,2.1.2
TSP firmware,1.0
Weather Widget Forecast Addon,1.2
Weather Widgets,2.4.1

Total 62 applications

cool eh? means I can provide feedback on each in my blog.
Astro is a file manager utility , but you can also set up a 'backup' directory (make it the sd card , /sd) in the preferences , then export all apps (.apk) to the card.
Very handy cos I want to update my firmware and I want to be able to re-install my apps quickly.

[update Aug 2010 : this is all now superflous with the arrival of AppBrain (website and android app) , which allows sync between phone and web. The website allows you to link and summarise all your installed apps, as well as queuing for install the next time you sync]

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

post to your blog from igoogle and googlemail / H8 firmware for i7500 / Battery Status Donate

easy peasy !
Posting to Blogger from igoogle and googlemail

all they need is a decent app for android for blogger and Im sorted lol

New H8 i7500 firmware released, however I cannot get the Samsung suite to recognise the phone yet ! (a common problem from reading the forums apparently)
I could do it using an uploader (Odin) but Id rather not for now........

heres what the update page looks like if I ever get to it !

downloaded the Battery Status Donate , another Android Apps widget (I also use the Weather Widget for 'Hero' like clock).
Seems good and doesnt drain battery. Another top app , and different battery skins available. Highly recommended