Tuesday, 27 September 2005

its wet out there...

not much to report , other than its getting very wet here in sunny Glasgow :-)
Lots of standing water and the like , great fun , NOT!
Continuing to use the bike for getting to work though.
How about this for next year???
BMW K1200R

this ones a custom blue job and I love it , bit expensive though!

Monday, 19 September 2005

more x64 issues

I bought an external Freecom Classic Mobile 2.5" 40GB USB2.0 HD so that I can transfer lots of music around :-)
Its a very nice piece of kit (in fact it runs the same type of HD as my freeview box)
Well packaged.
Installed the software and it seemed to run fine............until I rebooted my PC....at which point the logitech cordless keyboard and mouse stopped working and the external drive was doing very odd things and causing my machine to hang for long periods.

Basically the installation of the freecom supplied software had f*cked up the USB controllers (I guess the drivers). SO if you buy this drive DONT install the software.

Removed software and uninstalled USB controllers and rebooted , the USB stuff is automatically rebuilt on bootup and its all now OK.

Transfer very speedy for a laptop drive :-)


Thursday, 8 September 2005

5k miles on bike / the curse of 18 inch wheels....

Yep folks , thats 5000 miles now passed :-)
[passed test on 6th May 2005 to 8th Sept 2005 = 4 months :-)]

and in the second pic ...mmm....today just a casual pull up to the kerb moment....and bang....sigh...
The curse of 215/35 tyres on 8 inch wide rims , the first thing to hit is the wheel rim....oh well. it could have been worse....
[Driver error , nah , I'll blame the wheels]


Monday, 5 September 2005

Sunday run on the bike

Couldnt sleep Sat night / Sun morning , so around 4am I decided I would just take the bike out for a wee run...
Went loch lomond road , and on up the A82 to Fort William , then up to Oban.
Came back a slightly different way to rejoin the A82 for the final leg home.
Absolutely stunning views , stopped at the roadside and watched the sun rise , sublime .....

lots of miles today , so now fast approaching 5000 miles , bike just feels better than ever, Metzler Sportec M1 tyres are superb and the engine just seems to be getting faster and faster with more miles under its belt. It also seems to be much quieter since the 4k service (change of oil type perhaps?)

MINI v.s. Integrale

Went over to Daves Saturday and the MINI got a good old clean and polish :-)
Amazing how big the MINI actually is compared to the grale.
Both cars were clean so it would be a shame not to take a few phone pics.....