Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Golf MkV GTI Edition 30 arrives .....

12 weeks after order , today was the day.

8 miles on the clock when I drove it out of the dealer.
First impressions = its superb :-)

Ben @ Gilbert Lawton VW Manchester was superb
Great Deal
Great Attitude
Choice of reg plates to choose from (STUCK ON ONLY NO HOLES !!!!)

Car was immaculate and afaik has absolutely no marks on it all.
The paintwork even seems OK for swirls.
Running in is <4500 rpm + low load advised by VW. I have just let it run freely without heavy low rpm load , but boy does this car go under light throttle.
I have ran other cars in before and been to 'easy' on them , so this time Im trying to change that.
Interestingly it already feels a lot faster than the 200ps std GTI I test drove.
Cant wait to give it the full monty.
Car feels very special and I love it.

So expect lots of info in the next few weeks.

first mod is the small front number plate which is on its way already ;-)

take care


Monday, 29 October 2007

adsl reconnected ........at last.......

well Im back :-)
After a recent house move , I've been reduced to dial up which has effectively curtailed any web related activity :-(

www.myinternetpass.com for cheap and cheerfull dialup , highly recommended , 2000 minutes anytime for £10

Anyway thats now over as my new account with pipex is now up and running 3 days early :-) (always pays to have that router on lol)

Lots to catch up on but most importantly the car has arrived and Im due to pick it up tommorrow :-)

TODO : leaf blower! , boost gauge

just ordered the small front plate too .......

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Golf build date :-)

Yes its true , at last after 10 weeks wait I have a build date for the edition 30, it will be w/b 15th October , with an estimated pick up time of early November.
Seriously cant wait now.
Starting to investigate the chipping options a bit more lol