Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Allans MR2 with new wheels

sneakily took as walked past his flat today :-) sweet...

Sunday, 23 April 2006

new windscreen fitted

Superb mobile service by a guy @ Autoglass. Very professional and speedy.
M3 has rain sensor built into screen but no heating element.
Heres a pic whilst is was 'sans screen'....

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

15500 miles/first scratch/windscreen chipped

Yep lots more miles on ye olde motor , now added nearly 5500 miles since I got it!!! thats a hell of a lot of optimax...

One such journey was pic one which was a jaunt into North Wales Moel_Famau what a view....

Second pic is a bleeding scratch on the rear wheel arch....ho hum.....

Third pic is the large stone chip received whilst decelerating from light speed one me the screen did well given the stone size and my velocity :-) .

Fourth is mileage , am I sad or what taking a pic....?


Thursday, 13 April 2006

xenon flicker fixed...

Well , car went into Henry Bros , good service this time which is nice to see.
Xenon bulb on LHS was replaced. Engineer said transmission was fine and an M3 characteristic (expected this but wanted it confirmed). Apparently car ECU woudlnt accept the autolock coding so that hasnt happened yet.(wonder why it wont work?)
14300 miles now.

Oh and on my web searches I found that appararently there is a Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) in the clutch line that modulates how the clutch is released.
No matter how you release the pedal its always a controlled release and apparently this gives some odd behaviour.
have a look at this CDV info page


Monday, 10 April 2006

4000 miles completed in BMW

Scarcely true but I got the car with 10200 miles and now I'm at 14200 miles +
First pic are the wheels I plan to get lol [BBS CH]
Second pic is my car on Sunday after a quick wash
Third is the clocks showing 14k miles
Fourth is the MINI , its last clean on the day it went in to be traded for the M3.

Car running well , but will go into dealer to check out the xenons flickering (and the LHS has in fact gone out at times), apparently some cars have a dodgy control box. Also get the 'autolock' feature enabled.
'Clunk' when engaging gear sometimes will also be looked at (apparently this is an M3 trait!) , can drive around it but its annoying all the same.

Head unit has been replaced with a kenwood one that allows control of my ipod.
[superb service supplied by mikey @ newministuff aka formby car electrical]

All in all the M3 experience is superb so far. Car is deceptively fast and very easy to drive for a 300+bhp rwd car. Averages 29 MPG at 87 mph (clocks) (82 mph by GPS) which is astonishing for a car of this type. Only ever run it on Optimax or Ultimate so far.

more when I remember