Friday, 15 December 2017

Mpg updates a180 w176 auto / golf gti edition 30

2 mpg updates in one!

295 miles 27.6mpg
At 112,000 miles

Mercedes A180
In ECO mode
220 miles motorway at 77mph ( with cruise control which seems to mean ther car doesn't glide like it normally does in eco
Rest is school run

33.2mpg 320 miles

Car at 1800miles so nicely run in.
Runs great but still tappety

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A class w176 a180 auto petrol mpg update

Car now run in
Mixed mileage for school run and longer motorway at weekends.
37.6mpg 321 miles with 1/8th tank left around 35 miles
Used eco mode as much as possible.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

W176 a class a180 petrol top up oil

Car still running in do thought I'd check the oil.
Was at just over minimum
Topped up with some I had for the golf.
Hopefully not a sign of things to come,  may even quieten down the tappety noise
Also surprised to see the cars ecu up front in the crash impact zone.  Guess it keeps it cool but seems an odd place ( unless I'm wrong and it's the ecu for the lights etc but I doubt it)
Noticed eco mode doesn't stay enabled for the next day but does for minor journeys within the same day.

A180 petrol auto w176 268 miles 32.1mpg

Slightly better but still pretty bad but that's 268 miles with almost another 1/4 tank to go. 

Still running in.
This is in comfort mode so will try eco mode next.
Car runs well though and strong.
Lovely car only downsides are poor visibility and I think the engine is noisy very 'tappety'

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A180 mpg update 28.5mpg 259 miles

Car still running in.
Approx 500 miles on the clock but still really poor mpg even for an auto

28.5mpg over 259 miles.
Not quite a full tank
All school run miles.

Let's hope it improves otherwise I'll have the x5 back

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

3d gel plates for new A180

I really dislike the full mercedes black surround (especially on a white car). So time to remove the covers and fit cleaner plates.

3d road legal UK gel plates from eBay

Need some plate fixings too

Bottom band just pulls off
Easier to put your new plate in the holder and mark off the positions.
I chose to use 4 screws but you could use only 2 or sticky pads.

Far cleaner look now even if there are a lot of screws on show.