Friday, 12 April 2019

Golf GTI edition 35 mpg update : 404 miles at 33.6mpg

50% trip to London
50% normal commuting
Rtech stage 1

Monday, 8 April 2019

Golf GTI Edition 35 mpg possible : 220 miles back from London 34.4mpg (35226 miles)

On way back from London , 220 miles 75 mph average , 1 stop , this is what it could be.

Golf GTI Edition 35 mpg update : Trip to London 363 miles 33.1 mpg (35007 miles)

Trip to London at 75mph average with some 50mph areas.
Stage 1 Rtech and precat delete definitely dont harm consumption. could easily have gone to 400 miles +

Golf GTI Edition 35 mpg update : 30.2 mpg 353 miles (34644 miles total)

Post RTech Stage 1 remap commuting mileage

Monday, 25 March 2019

Golf GTI Edition 35 mpg update : 269 miles @ 29.7mpg (last tank before remap)

Golf GTI Edition 35 : Maintenance and Edition 35 Stage 1 mapping R-Tech Performance

Having missed the power of my old REVO Stage 1 Edition 30, I finally took the plunge to have a number of items looked at included a power increase.

After all the rave reviews I decided to make the pilgrimage to RTech

Due to current offers it also made sense to have the intake/injector clean

Given the age of the car 7yrs and 34k miles I also wanted a DSG service

  • inlet removal and walnut blast valves
  • injectors flow testand ultrasonic clean, fit new performance filters and teflon seals
  • precat delete (extra mpg and bhp!)
  • dsg oil and filter service
  • oil and filter change (5/40)
  • cam follower (more worn than expected for 34k miles)
  • bkr7eix spark plugs
  • powerflex lower dog bone mount (black series)
  • rev g dv (revision D ok but preventative action)
  • stage 1 map
  • stage 1 dsg map

In the morning it had all the maintenance work, then a quick test drive, then onto the rollers for a before/after session.

Before 247 bhp @ 6089 rpm  / 258 lbs/ft @ 3093 rpm
After    310 bhp @ 6050 rpm  / 345 lbs/ft @ 3966 rpm

Precat delete was for Before as well, so probably +10bhp on standard

Difference + 63 bhp                  + 87 lbs/ft

On the boost guage the peak went from 14psi (0.97 bar) to 21psi (1.44 bar)

To say Im happy is an understatement, its amazing how quickly you miss the K04 stage 1 power. Cant fault RTech service and people, was a great experience, car runs better than ever. With DSG even a Stage 1 flies, very progressive seamless pull. Gearchanges quicker and snappier, great to be back driving a sleeper. Only downside is the brakes and suspension now need upgrading to match.

Im sure Stage 2+ cars with 360+ bhp are incredible but for bang for buck (and reliability) you cant beat stage 1.

If you have a standard K04 car (Ed30/Ed35/Scirocco R etc) dont think about , do it.