Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Goodbye A180 , hello VW Tiguan 150 DSG 4Motion RLine

with a caravan planned in our future and the lease ending on my wifes Mercedes A180 we moved onto a Tiguan

66 plate Jan 2017 registered, has 24,000 miles

So picked it up a couple of weeks ago.

First jobs have been

  • clean the leather on steering wheel and dsg lever, mileage is checked as genuine but way too shiny.
  • replacement 3d gel number plates
  • air filter
  • charcoal pollen filter and air com freshner
  • touch up stick
  • mobile phone vent holder and charging cable
  • register for erwin an buy 1 hrs time to download cars full specification sheet
  • had the wheels off today to paint the rusty disc bells, touch up the rear backing plates (already rusting) and clean behind wheels and apply wheel wax

loving it so far, next up are

  • paint calipers, colour tbc
  • TowTrust towbar inc specifice harness + coding
  • potential remap once Ive researched who to pick
  • retrofit rear camera
  • wheel spacers
  • VCDS tweaks after I get a new VCDS cable , i only have the old hex-can which doesnt support the Tiguan

So far pretty impressed by the 150 TD drives great even on 20 inch wheels

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Golf gti edition 35 mot , 48232 miles (8k miles this year) and new rear tyres

 48232 so 8000 miles this year compared to 18k last year. 

One rear tyre badly cracked and really bad sawtooth/20p piece profile pattern.  

Both Dunlop sportmax and I think they are the original tyres from new. So now changed to match the Michelin pilot sport 4 on the front. 

Rear noise now gone and it wasn't the bearings!

Car now silent and i have 4 matching brand high quality tyres

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Golf GTI Edition 35 MPG update : 288 miles @ 26.5MPG

 During lockdown , working from home has meant no daily commute to Manchester.


17th May 2020 to 1st Aug 2020 , thats 2.5 months for 288 miles 26.5mpg , I would normally do that at least every 2 weeks.

Car due an MOT in a few days time