Tuesday, 31 August 2004

mpg update

31/08/04 50.45--58.05--12.77---308--------0.2----24.1-----60497-------OPTIMAX

Wednesday, 25 August 2004

60k milestone...

Yes , its true...
My lovely car passed the big six-o this morning on the way to work.

Monday, 23 August 2004

Integrale Pics / MPG update

Fiat Coupe not enough for you?? Well here's Dave's Integrale Evo II with a new set of wheels....

Date------------Cost--Litres-Gallons-Mileage-ltrs/mile-miles/gallon-Total Mileage-Type

Actually my starting mileage must be off as the mileage was actually 59920 today.
But alas the big SixO beckons......

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Lord of the Rings : Return of the 5cyl warrior

More tarty bits thanks to Fergie. Interior aluminium rings for heater controls and dials. And also exterior indicator and rear lamp surrounds.

Heater ones I love and went straight on. Instrument seems a bit too OTT for my tastes along with heater (maybe just one or other is OK). The rear light ones , I'm as yet undecided about.
Kinda makes the car look a lot higher (being on std suspension) than it does without. I think this is an eye line thing.

For now they stay off.

Anyway heres a pic..... Add a comment and tell me your preference....

Sunday, 15 August 2004

temptation ...

Oh dear , had a quick look through autotrader and Im VERY tempted with a late model Plus!!!
LE is nice but a bit OTT for my tastes. A Plus with about 40K should do nicely........
Colour would be Green / Black / Silver me thinks.
only one small problem , I would need to find lots of cash. So for now its a pipe dream.

Also on the radar is an updated digital camera. Current favourite is the Minolta Dimage Z2.
Its a bit bulky but I like to be different!!

Friday, 13 August 2004

mpg update

Date----------Cost- Litres- -Gallons- Mileage -ltr/mile- MPG -Total Mileage-Type
12/08/04 --54.2- 62.37- -13.72 -----339------- 0.2- ---24.7- 59891 -------OPTIMAX

Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Throttle cable
They must have made some throttle cables in italy , as I've now picked up the new item from the local FIAT dealer.
Top marks again for Reg Vardy phoning me to let me know it had arrived!

Dont plan to remove the 'generic' cable fix , the new item looks an even bigger pain to fit..

Anti Squeal Brake Shims
FCCUK forum arranged another manufacture run of anti-squeal brake shims , so theyve arrived too . Ready for when I get around to fitting new brakes all round.

Shiny bits
Fergie tells me that the chrome ring set has arrived from abroad , so if I get the time Ill goo get them and see his new FMIC and installed APEXI :-)

Car polisher
Went into B+Q for some stuff for laying laminate into our bathroom.
Turned a corner and staring me in the face was a mains powered polisher reduced to 14.99 ! I couldnt resist ....
Needless to say it makes a mess , but boy what a result ..
The lacquer is now like glass :-)
Next stop is to do Allans MR2 soon.......


Friday, 6 August 2004

mpg update

     Date                Cost   Litres   Gallons Mileage miles/gallon Total Mileage Type
06/08/2004  48.39   55.69   12.25      290           23.7                   59552      OPTIMAX

No real news as such.
MPG down due to air-con being on most of the time.
Car still goes well when warm , couple of times this week Ive been up to 140km/h(wink). Car definitely slower in warm conditions which is echoed by the lower boost limits seen on gauge. At night an extra 0.2 bar or more is achieved.

Still awaiting manifold news.