Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Throttle cable
They must have made some throttle cables in italy , as I've now picked up the new item from the local FIAT dealer.
Top marks again for Reg Vardy phoning me to let me know it had arrived!

Dont plan to remove the 'generic' cable fix , the new item looks an even bigger pain to fit..

Anti Squeal Brake Shims
FCCUK forum arranged another manufacture run of anti-squeal brake shims , so theyve arrived too . Ready for when I get around to fitting new brakes all round.

Shiny bits
Fergie tells me that the chrome ring set has arrived from abroad , so if I get the time Ill goo get them and see his new FMIC and installed APEXI :-)

Car polisher
Went into B+Q for some stuff for laying laminate into our bathroom.
Turned a corner and staring me in the face was a mains powered polisher reduced to 14.99 ! I couldnt resist ....
Needless to say it makes a mess , but boy what a result ..
The lacquer is now like glass :-)
Next stop is to do Allans MR2 soon.......


1 comment:

95 GTS said...

amen brother - I did a very very poor, in fact p!sh job of filling in the stone chips and scratches on my bonnet. I don't even think the paint matches but its just to stop it rusting before it gets a total respray. If I win the lottery of course :(