Wednesday, 28 July 2004

mpg update / more pics

      Date         Cost    Litres     Mileage  ltrs/mile   MPG   Total Mileage  Type
28/07/04   43.72  50.31        263        0.19       23.76      59262         OPTIMAX

oops guess Ive been applying too much right foot lately........
[Car polished  on Sunday so here are MORE Fiat Coupe Pics... because Im sad :-)]

Saturday, 24 July 2004

kenwood display / ipod mini / manifold update

Well after changing to a top kenwood cd unit I'm now well hacked off.
The display claims to be 'customizable' , which it is but only for the wallpapers/movies that kenwood supply ..... For a current head unit this is unacceptable IMHO. The old units used to be (kenwood in fact supply software to build the .kbm files required) but for some reason they have stopped this.
From what I can tell they have changed from 4 tone grayscale(old model) to 8 tone for the new one. They also add additional encoding to prevent you just renaming the file........
It may just be possible to break this but Im not sure its worth the effort.
Whatever the outcome ,kenwood are very 'devious' for not openly explaining this.  Ok so I mostly use the graphic eq display but thats not the point!
Aside from this issue the new stereo continues to perform great.

Ok so its not coupe related but I bought my lovely wife a new ipod mini that was released today (in a rather fetching pink!) . Very nice but more of a 'style' item LOL. Will set it up tommorrow and copy songs onto it , may report back later.

A sample unit from South Africa is on its way for evaluation. If all goes well I may get one soon......

Wednesday, 21 July 2004

mpg update / pillar pod in / planned mods

This week I shall be mostly getting...
Date                      Cost   Litres   Gallons   Mileage    mpg   Total Mileage         Type
19/07/2004    45.44   52.9     11.64    302           26.0       58999        BPULTIMATE

Sadly the tractor impression just gets worse :-( , The group buy on fccuk forum is looking more promising but theres still lots of R&D to be done first .........
Managed to open out the 52mm hole to 60mm within the single nomad pillar pod to allow fitment of my greddy boost gauge. Not a job for the fainthearted I can tell you ! Brittle fibreglass , one small slip and it was all over .....
However its now done and looks ace . Wasn't sure initially (as I think pods can look a bit too Fast+Furious stylee) but I really like it now . Plus I get my drivers side airvent back :-)  
Next gauges will be ExhaustGasTemp (EGT) and AirFuelRatio(AFR) , both Greddy (must have matching) .
But they are really expensive , so I will wait or maybe buy off ebay.

Other things to buy are Forge dump valve FMDV006 (recirc) , K+N air filter and Sparco strut brace.
Brakes and suspension are also long term buys LOL.
I always promised I wouldnt touch my car , but Ive now thrown that dummy well and truly out the pram........

Priority is still the manifold tho. 

Click on the image for more pics (and a couple of the a pillar pod)

Thursday, 15 July 2004

modification envy strikes ...

Well , just when I thought I'd spent enough on my car , I go meet up with Fergie and Kenny at Drivers today!!!!
Fergus with his new suspension and cool as fccuk pace radiator (what a piece of workmanship) and Kenny with his new Momo wheels and kit.
I felt distinctly too standard LOL.
Nice to meet new faces and talk coup.......

The good news is I now have the pillar pod (cheers Ferg).
All this talk of new suspension also has me very interested.....
First things first though , the manifold is fccuked so its first.

Monday, 12 July 2004

mpg update

12/07/2004   58.99ltrs   335miles   25.8mpg   58697   BPULTIMATE

Well first tank of BPUltimate completed. MPG seems same as normal. Car seems to be slightly less keen.Manifold continues its demise , I suspect its now leaking even when fully warmed up. Overboost getting a bit out of hand at 1.4bar recorded on my greddy guage.
Run home from Ayr last night in cool night air :-) Car just loves it. Oil consumption seems minimal and definitely better as the proportion of Mobil 1 15W50 increases in the sump ....
Hopefully getting a chance to see Fergie's coupe on Thursday and collect my next purchase..
A single nomad pod , its 52mm so will need to attack it with a knife for my boost guage!!!!
Pile of bits to go on car continues to rise....
[new wheel bolts,denso spark plugs,apexi avcr]
MOT looming in October ..........

Thursday, 8 July 2004

throttle cable update :: final

Yep , youve guessed it ! The cable has now been fixed, not by a FIAT part which is on back order , but by a tip from a Fiat Coupe guru on the coupe forum using a universal type. Check out the info at Throttle Cable Fix Page
The new cable also means the pedal is higher and has more feel to it. Result!

Re : stereo
Gratuitous new stereo pic ....
I plan to put the apexi just below it

Re : Hire Car :: Toyota Yaris
First off , let me say this is a superb car! Jumping straight back into the coupe I noted a few things....

  • Coupe has great heavy and communicative steering

  • The brakes on my 20VT are cr*p , too much pedal play and no feel....

  • Gearchange is poor , too long a throw .....

  • Just how low and sexy the coupe really is :-)

Ok , so Im biased but it does highlight a few things I could do to improve things. namely a shortshift kit and replace the brakes / bleed system. The previous owner had a flexible pipe replaced for an MOT , so I suspect air has been introduced into the system......

Monday, 5 July 2004

throttle cable update :: 1

well Fiat just phoned to say the cable is on back order. I phoned Steve at Alternative Autos and he confirmed they have been waiting for 2 months!. Luckily Iceberg (Paul) a coupe expert on has provided a 'blue peter' solution for a customer that apparently works fine!
Sooooo , given I have no choice I've ordered the generic cable from a local motor factors [Pistons and Components and will have a go....

throttle cable snaps......

Friday night , long day at work , tired and just picked up my sausage supper from the local chippy .....pulled away ....1st...2nd....thump!
Accelerator hits the floor and I'm going nowhere.
Desperate to get my supper before it gets cold , I head up the road at breakneck speed in 3rd gear at idle revs LOL.
A handy tip is to switch the aircon on , which increases the load and you get a further 1mph speed boost!!!!!
Anway , I got home (and my clutch sighed with relief). I did think it was just a slipped connection but alas , a quick tug on the cable and half of it arrived frayed in the drivers footwell :-(

I have ordered a new cable but its 55 quid! and stock in the UK may be a problem!
[I have also seen a post at where a generic cable may fit ...]

For the time being I couldnt resist a 5 days for 7 car hire deal from Arnold Clark. Excellent value , so my trusty steed for the next few days is a Toyota Yaris 1litre VVTi (feel the power). Its a great small car , I kid you not, AND its got a cool digital dash display.

Finally picked up my new Kenwood head unit (remember the replacement for the JVC I didnt like). Fitted into my non working car this morning. Its superb and definitely much more what I was after. Install was a bit tricky with so many extra outputs at the back (ie not enough room!). Initial impressions are great. Sound is fantastic. Things I dont like are the colour of the faceplate (shiny grey/blck for the top of the range , when lower models colour would be a better dash match!) and the flimsy (if not very small and portable) removeable MASK plate.
The unit fits fine in a coupe and you can even use the full drop down angle on the lower faceplate area (i had concerns as the dash is 'sunken' on the coupe).
All in all a big success so all I need is a car that works.....

Also removed some of the ashtray area to prep for the AVCR install , I want it to look factory , so some design + fitting is going to be will not be fitted until exhaust manifold is fitted though.

next stop service and exhaust manifold ............

Thursday, 1 July 2004

mpg update

Manifold continually getting worse , although Im not really pushing the car hard as much.The current tank is BP Ultimate and 'placebo effect' or not , the car definitely feels less punchy....
Got the apexi avcr out of the box last night and its s*xy as f*ck ;-) Sad me ? Yeah LOL. Plenty of bits to fit ... The plan is to get manifold fixed or replaced first then fit it. Probably to be cited in the ashtray...

DateCostLitresGallonsMileagelitres/milemiles/gallonTotal MileageType