Saturday, 30 October 2010

baby 3d casting kit from

with my daughter now over 6 months old, I bought a home 3d casting kit for my wifes birthday.
I have now finally finished it over a month later lol
looks easy but the biggest problem is getting your loved one to stay still long enough!

Bought a nice kit from 3d casting kits at includes frame , white card and everything you need.
Heres after the foot was done ...

and finally the finished article, note its left 'natural' colour. I didnt use the silver paint in the kit, as i think it looks better (and a little less freaky looking lol)

Top notch service from, I did in fact drop the glass from the frame which they replaced FOC the next day! Amazing and really something in this day and age.

Top kit , Top business. Get one and try it out for yourself

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Samsung i7500 Galaxy links

still keep an eye on i7500 posts so heres a few more.

Why having a Samsung Galaxy I7500 both sucks and rocks

Samsung Galaxy i7500
Upgrading Cupcake 1.5 to Galaxo with Recovery 6.4
Step-by-step tutorial

Golf gti edition 30 : 369miles 29.8mpg

Last ever tank on apr map! All further updates will be on revo.
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Golf GTI Edition 30 : switched from APR to REVO stg1 software

I have ran APR stage 1 software for 2 years but Awesome GTI have recently ditched APR and gone with REVO, as the supplying dealer I need backup so I took up their offer for a free swap to REVO.

thanks to the AwesomeGTI and REVO guys for a stunning free 'amnesty' offer.

Car running : Boost 6 Timing 3 Fuel 9
as I have some 97 RON fuel in the tank just now (hence the Timing 3) i foolishly added whilst up in Scotland this weekend, apparently I need 98 RON for Timing 5 or 6.

full review to follow

MOT due : new tyres Michelin Pilot Sport PS3 fitted at 44600 miles

first MOT for the Edition 30 which is now 3 years old !
tyres were well worn down (in fact borderline illegal) as well as having bulges which are an instant MOT failure (besides being dangerous too)

so I decided to fit 4 new matching tyres.

PS2 on front , Pilot Exaltos on rear are now replaced with Pilot Sport 3's , michelins new flagship tyre.

Only time will tell if they live up to the awesome PS2's

BEFORE : PS2's worn down to legal limit

From Johns Car, Bike and Gadget Blog

AFTER : PS3 new boots of lovelyness

From Johns Car, Bike and Gadget Blog

they were fitted at this mileage

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Golf gti edition 30 : 381 miles @ 31mpg

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Golf gti edition 30 : 31.4mpg 381 miles

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dragons Lair Trilogy on the Wii

Crikey I remember being a young boy transfixed by the original game, spending all my cash trying to get the next move correct.
Not sure if the game is any good, but it does make me feel nostalgic :-)

Awesome GTI ditch APR and sign with REVO : free months amnesty offered

to quote from Awesome GTI's facebook feed :

As Directors of Awesome we decided that we better produce a formal statement regarding the introduction of REVO TECHNIK to our product line.

For nearly 10 years, Awesome have been responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of all ...APR software and hardware products in the UK. Over a number of years, Awesome have suffered due to 'internal politics' at APR and we have decided to terminate our business relations. As from 3 PM on Tuesday 12th October 2010, Awesome terminated its partnership with APR LLC and signed contracts with Revo Technik as an approved dealer.

As we have many loyal customers who have chosen APR as the preferred product, we want to give these people our continued support.
As it will now be impossible for Awesome to flash APR software to any vehicle, an agreement has been reached with our new partners REVO to allow a 28 Day Amnesty starting Monday the 18th of October. This will allow any existing APR software equipped vehicle to be re flashed to REVO software with no charge. It does not matter how long the car has had APR software fitted, as long as the purchase invoice can be produced. The only cars that this will not apply to is the older chip change vehicles. The FREE conversion to REVO will only allow single programs and if an SPS unit is required, that will be an added cost. These amnesty burns can only be carried out at Awesome and any questions regarding the Amnesty will be answered by our sales staff.

Finally, all of us here at Awesome are looking forward to working closely with everyone at REVO and we have been promised some VERY exciting products are in the pipeline especially some totally new 1.8T software to blow you away. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim cotton (Managing Director)
Mark Ash (Operations Director)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

replace battery (code S920SW) D&G Mens Sandpiper watch white face

my wife wears a Gents D&G watch which just recently stopped working (dead battery).
The estimated costs from 2 places I visited were £10 up to £25, the biggest issue being that 'it cost more so we can certify its waterproof again' , well call me tight,but Im not spending 10% or more of the watches original value on a battery replacement. Daylight robbery, forcing me to go down the route of changing it myself.

heres the watch in question
D&G Mens Sandpiper watch silver strap with white face

I would thoroughly recommend buying the proper tool to remove and replace the watch back.
The 2 choices appear to be

An adjustable 2 pronged tool
MKCLOCKS Pocket Sized Waterproof Screw back Watch Case Opener (ebay)
A 'jaxa' tool which is 3 arms on a handle

I bought the former as it was cheaper (£4.99)

An the most important item, the battery code ....
1.55v Silver Oxide Watch battery(SR920SW)
plenty to choose from on ebay. around a £1

voila job done for £6 [UPDATE : Nov 2013 : nearly 3 years from the post above the battery finally stopped, and ireplaced with exactly the same again. top quality]

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Golf GTI Edition 30 : miles per gallon update : 398 miles@31.4MPG

398 miles@31.4MPG

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

How to network enable a usb printer the easy way : TP-Link TL-PS310U Single USB2.0 Port MFP Print and Storage Server

for a long time the printer has been attached to the main basestation pc upstairs.
Replaced recently (for a another HP), its a non wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier.
When buying I didnt see the need to add the cost of getting wireless, however this week the wife decided that was a requirement!

To the rescue is the item below. so instead of being connected directly to the desktop pc, its now directly 'networked' to the router (also upstairs).
So anyone on the network can now print.
No setup required for my install on the print server itself (its tiny by the way), however you do need to install the print server software onto any pc/laptop that wishes to use the networked printer. (and also the relevant printer drivers too)

So far works seamlessly, only thing we need to do is remember to switch the printer on (as before it was linked to the pc by one of these power management plugs).
I havent tried the scanning functionality as yet.

This version if generic USB so Ive added a usb hub connection, that way I 'could' plug in any portable drives and make them network accessible to through this device.

So in summary, if you have a non wireless printer that you cant bear to throw away then buy this gizmo. If not then go out and buy a wireless printer in the first place ;-)

Incognito Album : Beneath the Surface

1996 ! one of the few Incognito Albums I didnt own, its been on back order for months.
Arrived a few days ago and needless to say it does not dissapoint.
Top notch album with the usual smooth Maysa vocals.

Golf GTI Edition 30 MPG update 403 miles @ 31.4 MPG