Saturday, 27 August 2005

Honda CBR600RR 2005 performance data

Honda CBR600RR 2005 performance data
[Superbike April 2005]

Top speed : 155 mph
time to top speed : 28.40 seconds
dist to top speed : 1500 metres

mph   time(s) dist(m)  accel(g)
10    0.71    1.4     0.65
20    1.25    5       0.73
30    1.86    11.8    0.74
40    2.47    21.4    0.74
50    3.1     34      0.74
60    3.7     48.7    0.74
70    4.33    87.1    0.74
80    5.21    96.7    0.7
90    6.11    130.7   0.67
100   7.31    181.7   0.62
110   8.57    241.3   0.58
130   12.34   444.8   0.48
150   20.76   978.5   0.33

standing 1/4 mile : 11.65@127mph

Sunday, 21 August 2005

CBR1000RR test ride / 600RR 4k service

[test ride pics and my bike with new tyres+bungs]

Ok so the good news is I'm still alive :-)
Took my own bike down to Ayr for a service etc and blagged a test ride on a fireblade. What a gorgeous day for a bike test ride.

To my surprise it was a black one with only 98 miles on the clock !
Advised to keep to ~6k rpm max ! but I did on the odd occasion go past that....
[to be fair if this was my own bike I would now ignore the 6k limit and run it in this way anyway , as long as it s not full throttle low rpm and to the limiter...]

First impressions...feels much bigger but familiar ,switchgear is slightly differently positioned,sounds completely different on startup,no fuel gauge (just a light!). Instantly I felt at home , in fact I felt it was easier to ride at slow speeds compared to the 600. A really tall first gear feels odd and combined with an odd feeling hydraulic clutch can make pulling away a bit tricky. Especially when running in I would be keen to avoid loading the engine at low rpm.
Despite the power it was not intimidating or unwieldy which is great.

Decided to take it down a back road I know , just feels like a bigger 600 , feet much wider apart on the pegs, tank is much wider and the steering damper can definitely be felt on faster bends. I felt the bike needed much more effort from me to get round corners though.

I managed to do 100 miles and the fuel light was still off (!) , cbr forum members say the 1000RR is 100 to 140 miles on a tank (and of course I wasnt wringing its neck). By comparison I get at most 100 miles to the reserve flashing when thrashing the 600RR.

In summary I loved it , a much more relaxed ride with effortless power in any gear.
Controllable but requiring much more throttle 'control' and I guess you must be very wary in the wet. Comparing the 600RR vs 1000RR is just chalk and cheese they are just so different I couldnt believe it.
600RR is highly strung needing lots of revs for maximum effect.
100RR is just ballastic from any revs (but strangely feels very calm)
I even managed to wheelie the thou in second without really trying !
As a comparison I reckoned I was around 20 mph faster without realising it on the thou.
Downsides?? I love my 600RR :-) its very 'chuckable' and 'lithe' compared to thou.
On the 600 it feels like my body weight makes up the largest prop of package ( and Im riding it) , whereas on the thou it feels like Im a smaller % and its taking me for a ride. Make sense???

Both bikes are great and no doubt I will change to a 1000 soon enough.
Only thing currently stopping me is the 2005 1000RR colour schemes...........

Now my bike.....
Was in for 4k service / New tyres / Fit bike design crash bungs / replace indicator.

Guys at North Harbour did a great job as ever. I cannot fault them.
Rear BT014 was flat (no tread in middle) , front was fine but I would only replace as pair.
I have replaced the Bridgestone BT014R tyres with Metzler Sportec M1 and so far they seem superb. I had planned to bed them in , but took the back road from ayr to paisley and just thrashed it as normal :-) Not only that the tread pattern is sexy as f*ck LOL

For fun ! heres the bill..........
4 hours labour @ 32 = 128
Oil Filter @ 7
Oil @ 20 (!)
Indicator @ 46 (!!)
Tyres (120/70/17 180/55/17) 77 + 75 = 150
+ misc
Grand Total ----> £430
(Incidentally that almost exactly 3 months since 600 mile service, 150 quid a month ! and that doesnt include insurance/fuel cost ....!)

Great job all round and at last the crash bungs are fitted....


Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Cheque presentation to GRI ward on behalf of Nicola

Today my Mum , my Sister and I went back to Glasgow Royal Infirmary Ward 24 to present them with a cheque for £6,150 on behalf of Nicola who died in March in the ward.
Funds were raised by sponsorship for the 10K run and donations.
Well done to all , a superb achievement that we hope will aid the ward in their superb work for people just like Nicola.
Consultants Dr Siddiqui [Nicola's Consultant] and Dr Davis were kind enough to be present , along with all the staff.

Thankyou to you all.

Friday, 12 August 2005

4k bike service booked / blade demo run booked / road pilot ist kaput / beta HP drivers found

Yep ,finally phoned bike dealer in Ayr.
Bike is booked in for 4k service , fit bike design crash bungs , replace rhs indicator and replace both tyres.
Rear tyre Bridgestone BT014R def needs replaced , front is fine , but Im just getting both replaced as a matched set , being replaced with Metzler tyres which came 3rd in a recent MCN roadtest.

I also requested a test ride on a demo fireblade :-)
Would love to upgrade , however I dont think they look as sexy as the blue of the 600RR (the 'blade is blue/silver mix) , insurance is also a big issue.

Maybe wait til my experience and new colours for 2006 1000RR

Will post up my experience , cant wait to see exactly how different a litre bike is to the 600cc.............

Car wise the Micro RoadPilot no longer gets a GPS lock , I suspect the antenna has a broken wire (from me messing about with it whilst fitting the first time) , so I need to test on my dads car harness then order a new harness if thats the problem ...pah 89 quid....

On a plus note I finally managed to download the beta HP drivers which should hopefully mean my PSC1350 now works with Win XP Pro x64.


Thursday, 11 August 2005

4000 miles on bike

Yep , and it looks like a may need a rear tyre soon as well...

Now its at 4k it needs and service, time to book it in....


Sunday, 7 August 2005

HP PSC 1350 wont play with XP64bit


my fancy all-in-one HP PSC 1350 is a paperweight until HP produce an x64 compatible driver ....Im not happy
Lots of talk on the forums about a pre-beta set of drivers that work , but all the existing downloads appear to have been removed...


narrow miss bird strike....

Coming back home from Ayr last night on ye olde CBR600 and cruising at 85mph(honest!)
a bird of some sort sweeps up from some grass in the central reservation to come inline with my head......
Dunno how by I instinctively ducked (pun?) to have it brush the top of my helmet.
Shocked ? you betcha , it was only a few miles after I realised how lucky I was not to hit it straight on at speed.

Tales of the unexpected eat your heart out (if you are old enough to rememeber the tv series)

On a dull pc note , I was wrong , the ipod software installed (using firewire not USB) RESULT . And MSI have a x64 driver for my bluetooth dongle so that works fine too :-)


new AMD x64 PC

Yep, after 4 1/2 years of bliss with my Athlon 1000 it was time for a change.
I decided on a AMD Athlon again but a 4200+ dual processor core x64 architecture jobby!

Now call me stupid but I didnt realise this would entail an entirely different OS!!! , it comes with Windows XP Pro 64bit Edition.
NOW I know that driver support and compatibility issues abound but I didnt before today.

AVG Antivirus : Installs but engine wont initialise now changed to NOD32 AV.
ZoneAlarmPro : Installs but wont start , now using Windows own firewall for now.

Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem : Nope! so I had to buy a Linksys ADSL modem/router in order to get an internet connection.

Yes the PC is lovely but I cant help feeling that compatibility is going to be a major issue........

In fact the MicroRoadPilot driver currently wont install , lets hope Morpheus have an x64 driver in the pipeline......

I havent even tried my ipod mini yet , but my hopes aint high ...bugger....