Thursday, 28 January 2010

Android App list on Galaxy i7500 : update

Exported by aTrackDog at 11:38:52 2010/01/28
Google Maps,3.1.2
TTS Service Extended,2.0
Voice Search,1.3
imeem Mobile,2.1.6
Retro Clock,1.2
Bonsai Blast,1.2
Handcent Sms,2.9.29
Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus,1.0.6
The Weather Channel,2.1.9
Calorie Counter,1.10.0
Mahjong 3D,1.0.1
Funny Jokes,2.0
My Tracks,1.0.10
Pkt Auctions eBay,2.04
Handcent FontPack,1.0
Weather Widget Forecast Addon,1.2.6
Places Directory,1.0.20
Opera Mini,4.2
Battery Status,3.0
Weather Widgets,3.5
Ringo Lite,1.2.19
Google Sky Map,1.3
aDyno,0.5 Beta5
Labyrinth Lite,1.3.3
Speed Test,1.6.1
Frozen Bubble,1.5
Handcent Font Pack3,1.0
Handcent Font Pack4,1.1
Star Tour,1.0
Wifi Analyzer,2.2.8
Rehearsal Assistant,0.8.5
English Spanish Dictionary,1.3
Quote Pro,1.2.4
Digital Clock Widget,1.7.6
Moon Phase,4
LOL Sites,1.2.75
Advanced Task Killer Free,1.7.0
OI File Manager,1.1.1
GPS Speedo,2.1
Locale SMS Plug-in,0.3 beta
Speaking Pad,1.2.2
Save MMS,1.4
GPS Tracker,1.9.4
SlideME App Installer,1.0
Glowing Pear,1.0.0
Spare Parts,donut
Total 85 applications

Samsung Galaxy 2 hinted

and so the new pretender comes along ....

Just look at Samsung Galaxy 2 specs:
- 1 GHz Snapdragon
- 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen
- 5 MP camera
- 32 GB internal memory
- Android 2.1
- 3.5 mm jack
- and of course all the other goodies that make a decent smartphone, like GPS, WiFi and such.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Samsung Galaxy I7500 O2 firmware :II4 upgraded to I7500XXIK4 available for NPS

seems theres a new 'official' O2 release of firmware for the i7500
which can be applied through NPS.

Im still on II4 at the mo, so gonna upgrade.

CSC Version: I7500O2UIK5
PDA Version: I7500XXIK4
Phone Version: I7500XXIK4
Last Modified: 2010-01-23 ?? 3:02:26


wifi stability improvements
Battery life improvements
battery indicator improvements

edit 25th Jan 2010 : I got home and updated from II4 to IK4 , very easy this time. no issues

From Johns Car Blog

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

played with Blogger API , deleted some comments...

Im currently looking at the Blogger API so I can produce a deletion utility to remove my recent spam attack.

I had a play last night on the Interactive Examples

adjusted some script on the fly against my own blog and managed to delete half of them.
(including a few unintended deletions for Pace Twin comments, sorry Trevor..)

for some reason it wont let me retrieve more than 24 posts deep , dunno why.
I also encountered timeouts when deleting 5 or more comments at a time.

Plan is to make an Google Gadget that allows everyone to delete en masse comments.

Ninjas unbox Google Nexus One...

Friday, 15 January 2010

unusual filtered Google results for religion?

Google suggests Islam is nothing

you decide!

SamsungFirmware twitter suggests Android 2.0 for Galaxy Feb 2010

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or the rss feed.

Its not known if they are official Samsung but they seem very clued up :-)

suggests Android 2.0 for Galaxy i7500 in Feb 2010 ... woohoo

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 released 1st Jan 2010

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ! new release
improved wet weather braking from the PS2 ...

Event Tyres PS3 new article

as a reminder heres my Pilot Sport 2 review
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 review

Friday, 8 January 2010

-11.5 degrees C / 33k miles

-11.5 degrees C on the way to work this week, by eck its cold
note its 33,000 miles too

From Johns Car Blog

Thursday, 7 January 2010

central heating pump and hot water circuit running all the time ?

last night the central heating decided to continue running permanently.....
main control panel lights off but oh no the pump is running and hotwater light on the valve are lit!
I started to panic thinking the worst, however some detective (web) work and a call to my dad and voila it was out to the garage with a hairdryer to warm up the frost sensor on the wall next to the boiler...

within seconds the pump stopped woohoo
need to look into adjusting it as it isnt that cold in the garage, it is however baltic outside (around -10 deg C at the moment)

apparently it overrides everything to ensure it doesnt all freeze.

freeview signal merging S4C Wales and WinterHill. mixed channels

after the switchover in December 09 I retuned the 37 inch plasma Panasonic and all seemed to work OK.

but after the screen detecting new channels in Jan I chose to rescan ..... that was a mistake.
It messed up the channels , and gave me S4C and poor quality Channel4

looking at the signal strength and frequency of each, I could see that I was receiving from 2 transmitters.

no matter how much I tried I couldnt adjust them!

In the end the heath robinson solution was to scan and take a note of the position on the horizontal bar where the Welsh data was transmitted on (lower value) and where the higher band winter hill signal started.
I used my them but you could use tape lol

I then removed the aerial , rescanned and waited until I had got past the freq the Welsh channels would have been on (if the aerial was connected)
then quickly shoved the aerial back in...

voila full strength all channels , all in correct order, all from winter hill.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

blog spamming!

yep , it happened again. multiple spam chinese posts on many of my recent blog threads!

swines.I not impressed.

i was away from my phone so didnt notice, but soon as I did I enabled comment word verification for comments.

now I need to find a way to delete them, which isnt easy as there are hundreds and Im not about to delete them one by one !

Anyone got any tips let me know.
otherwise Im gonna have to look at the Blogger API myself...

possible Eclair Android 2.0 on Galaxy

oh yeah seems some enterprising individuals have started to get 2.0 working on the humble Galaxy....
doesnt all work yet, but its a very nice ray of hope

Android 2.0 on Galaxy

and original main thread

mustymod 2.0 eclair on Galaxy