Thursday, 11 December 2008

page tracker upgraded

after 1593 days and > 10,000 visitors it was time to upgrade to a new tracker version which means all my old stats are lost ! :-(

Go to if you want your own free one.

Useful just to see the number of visitors and search engine referrals

Edit : 11th Jan 2009 : extreme tracker script does not work directly embedded into html in new blog template = bugger!
The solution is to embed the script into one of the blogger template widgets for Javascript.



Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sunday, 30 November 2008

N95 8GB firmware update 20.xx / Content Copier Contacts Lost Bug!

upgraded the firmware on my N95 8GB from to
Took a full backup via Nokia Content Copier before doing so , upgraded then re-instated the backup.
Only 1 issue no contacts WTF?!?

Quick web browse shows its a bug.....

Full backup contains Contacts but its not restored to phone

Download the exe and copy them from the backup , sorted , panic over PHEW!
2 more MPG updates
and the first meet , which ended up with 23 cars !

Sunday, 23 November 2008

pics of my old cars

a few of the trusty steeds over the years.....

Thursday, 23 October 2008

'The Golf' article on the 2.0 T FSI engine

Scanned and created pdf for recent 'The Golf' article on the 2.0 T FSI engine


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

edition 30 12k miles etc

Its been a while! So heres some catchup pics and some things I have bought.

2 more recent mileage pics

I also had all four wheels off to paint the rusty wheel hubs on the ED30
Used smoothrite which I have used before on the mr2 and it seems to stay put
Also took the opportunity to fully clay the inside of the wheels and apply lots of poorboys sealant :-)

Ferrari Challenge on the Wii screenshot. Jurys still out on the game itself !

Ipod Belkin Clear case = FAB , a chance pickup in dixons that is fantastic

Etymotic ER4P earphones = even more FAB , an upgrade from my previous ER6i ones
(note the right angled connector)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2008

Absolutely amazing day at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2008
Saturday (which is supposed to be quieter)
Lots of miles cross country in the car but worth it.

Fav bit was the rally drivers sideways through molecomb , and a jag test driver who was even more sideways.
Lots of bike action too , those guys are heroes

Heres the picasa album , click to view all pics.
Check out the one of me on a Suzuki GSXR1000 :-)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Edition 30 first service

Yep , 9500 miles and the car chimes 'Service Now !'
Gilbert Lawtn in Manchester , top notch , done in 1.5 hrs while you wait.
Specified NOT to wash the car , and fill it with Longlife oil (even though Im on Time and Distance servicing)
In theory its a better spec oil so worth the extra.

£130 all in , which isnt bad

Also got a BMP paint touch up stick which was in stock.

Thoroughly recommend then so far.

ED30 mpg update

been neglecting my duties recently. Not to worry here they are. All 99 RON Tesco good stuff.

I am learning from the master , and have 'accidentally' found some wheels I love

A forum member needs 10 people and they will produce some for MkV fitment :-)

Official Specifications:

Material: High Grade T6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy.
Construction: 8000 TON Forging.
Finishes: Matte Black, Sparkle Silver, Smoked Titanium, Diamond Silver and Signature Silver.
Size: 19x8
Offset: ET50
Weight: 19lbs
Certifications: JWL, VIA

my old M3 spotted

out for a Sunday run to West Kirby for dog walking , top down in the MR2 on the way back.
Decide to go a back road home , whoosh round a corner and what screams past but my old M3.
The heart strings went and for a moment I remembered how it used to be.........

Car was filthy :-(

ah memories

WAG300N : Do not buy one!

Well I have used this far a year now.
I had numerous setup issues / conflicts with our DECT phones , but the final straw came this week when I turned off the power to the house to do some DIY.

Router powers back up , but power light flashes and boot cycle repeats = DEAD ROUTER.
I had to get my trusty wired version out its box !

Trawl of internet shows that the firmware is corrupt Brilliant!

And because you cant hit the router itself via the web interface its a pain in the ar*e to fix.
Download an uploader program from linksys , then assign a fixed IP to your machine then attempt a remote firmware upgrade.
Eventually it worked , but no wireless WTF????
Then I turned it off , and the cycle repeated again , arghhhh.
Decided enoughs enough and its now been relegated to be sold on ebay.

Support from Linksys has been poor.
The unit itself obviosuly doesnt like be turned off
The wireless side is cr*p
and to top it all off its no longer N spec as they have changed the spec mid way through and it cant be upgraded!

All in All , a really bad product from Linksys
DO NOT BUY the WAG300N under any circumstances
(I have one going cheap if you must lol)

Learning my lesson , I went out and bought a reliable throughly benchmarked product.............
oops nope, I got dragged in by the shining display

Belkin N1 Vision ADSL Router

Heres the 6 possible screens and the unit itself :

So far so good , 2 minutes to install , no messing with channels to avoid DECT phones (go figure!) , throughput seems good , signal strength to laptop seems good downstairs (76%)

Will report how it goes but the display is cool as f*ck :-)

WiiFit finally arrives

Probably one of the hardest things to currently get for the Wii.
All initial stock sold out within minutes of release.
Any new stock which does become available is snapped up in minutes.

You can register for emails , but tbh thats too slow.

and open the alert page

The page refreshes every minute , the minute it pops up you rush to buy.....
Stock sells out in minutes , and often I have been away from my desk and missed stock.

I got mine from Game , DONT pay over the RRP for one , just be patient.

Game so far is really good , as ever excellently thought out.
The ski jumping is my favourite but the strength exercises are too bloody hard!

Not a substitute for real exercise but good nonetheless.

Buy One

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

new cleaning products

yeah , well its an evolving art , cleaning the car.
Surfing forums there tend to be knowledgeable members who know suggest new gear all the time.

So heres some new toys

Chemical Guys Ultra Plush dryer towel

supposed to replace the meguiars drying towel (I moved away from a traditional leather a long time ago!)

Poorboys Wheel Sealant

I used to use WD40 (dont ask!) , then moved to polish.
But apparantly you are supposed to polish then apply a 'sealant' like this

and finally the poor mans karcher :-)

Spray Foamer for Hose

I have now had a chance to use all three and they are superb.

Towel = one wipe and its dry
Sealant = smells great , and so far seems to really repel the brake dust
Foamer = a total laugh , love it , used with normal megs wash diluted 1:2 , lots of foam , and the 2nd bucket is now much cleaner when washing.

Recommend them all. But I warn you that cleanyourcar website is addictive :-)

Saturday, 7 June 2008 Rolling Road Day @ Awesome 2

Another rolling road day organised by Joe on
A huge turnout with mostly MkV Golf GTI's and Edition 30's in various states of tune.

Put my car on again too , expected few more bhp than last time as more miles on car, but alas the higher temps and new software on Awesomes rolling road reduced them slightly but still came out at

250 flywheel / 230 wheels / 250 lbs/ft torque

well happy and a great basis for mods.


Thursday, 5 June 2008

8400 miles

been a while , trying to run continuously on Tesco 99RON.
Car runs great , pulls 11-13 psi and MPG seems to have gone up a bit.
Car just seems to get stronger with more miles.

Another RR day at Awesome on Saturday.
Reckon I will put the car on again and see if theres even more horses after another couple of thousand miles.
At least 20 cars , mostly MkV GTI's and Ed30 in various states of tune , so should be good.

Just a pic of our cars nice and clean

Tried the new turtle wax ice polish and so far I'm impressed , VERY easy to use.

Currently playing Mario Kart Wii which is supreme and even better in online mode


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Golf GTI Edition 30 MPG : whats possible...

1st pic is a normal fill up = 26 MPG / 280 miles
2nd pic is recent motorway trip = 36.5 MPG / 425 miles !

The difference?

Well the 1st pic is 'normal' mixed usage and represents a day to day mpg figure

The 2nd is going up and down the motorway at 70 mph , with a very light foot!
Nearly managed to travel up to Scotland and back on one tank of fuel.

Just shows you want the Golf 'could' do , but alas it was far too painful keeping it and 70 and not using the horses coming down slip roads lol

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Edition 30 : Dyno plot : 255 @ flywheel / 230 @ wheels

Day organised by kae on at Awesome in Irlam near Manchester.

Reckoned it would be rude not to see how the Edition 30 went , plus it had the added advantage of indicating whether or not my concerns over the clutch gearbox were valid.
Short story is everything seems to be just fine :-)
Another Edition 30 ran exactly the same figures (manual + carbonio intake)
Remapped ED30's were at 305 flywheel !

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Jasons RS4 Avant / Allans MR2 new wheels / Golf Edition 30 MPG

1st pics :
sickening , Jason turned up at the weekend after picking up his RS4 avant from London.
Swine! Absolutely lovely , the noise when you fire it up is WOW
I think thats the dream driveway for me , RS4 and Edition 30 , wonder if Amy would approve?!?

2nd pics :
Allan , like hot dinners , gets a notion and changes his wheels more often than most.
So heres a pic of the new set , along with some new F1 tyres yum
Looks cool I reckon , totally different look to the OZ wheels.
He's off on a highland drive soon , so I reckon he needs to get the F1's scrubbed in , they are always cr*p for the first 100 miles!

3rd pics : Edition 30 MPG last tank
26.6 MPG (lower than normal so i must be driving faster :-) )
5934 miles now covered , with that tank lasting 311 miles (showing 0 miles to go and guage below empty!)

Friday, 21 March 2008

PVW : ED30 vs S3 vs Cupra : 2.0TFSI shootout

Performance VW , scanned in article from this month.

golf GTI Edition 30 vs Audi S3 vs Seat Leon Cupra vs Audi R8!

Right Click over PDF below and "Save Target As"



Wii picture quality

Theres me happily playing Super Mario Galaxy , when a usual web surfing night takes me down the route of picture quality from the Wii !

Funnily enough I always though it was a bit 'soft' but reckoned that was just the way the Wii was!

setup =
std Wii
42 inch Pioneer plasma PDP-427XD

It turns out using the standard supplied 'composite' cable (3 plugs , 1 video , 2 sound either with or without the SCART adapter), the only 2 options available in the Wii Menu picture settings are 576i[50Hz] or 480i[60Hz].

Using the std cable I got the best picture using the first setting 576i

However the 2 links below show the difference that may be achievable using a 'component' cable (5 plugs , 3 video , 2 sound)

picture comparison 1
picture comparison 2

There are various versions of the cable but I bought the one from here

Wii Component Cable from Game UK

£9.99 delivered , 12.99 in the shop and they wouldnt price match their own product! go figure!!!

You MUST have a TV that supports component in , so check that first.
Its dead easy

1. Swap the cables over

2. Plug the 3 component picture leads into your component in plugs (for pioneer that was Input2)

now at this point I incorrectly plugged the other 2 leads into the 'output' connections on the back of the tv!!! NO SOUND obviously , it didnt seem obvious so I did some surfing....and the solution is...

3. In order to get sound you also need to use the SCART adapter supplied originally with your Wii and plug the 2 audio leads into that then plug the adapter into the SCART input for the same src channel (for me that was Input 2)

[note if you use surround sound or a system be aware you may need another make of cable(madcatz etc) that has longer runs for the audio cables to reach something other than the TV inputs!]

4. Ensure the settings for the TV are correct , for the 427XD , I needed to adjust the src to be 'component' otherwise there was no picture.
It should also be noted the TV does not seem to 'auto' switch channels using this input method.

5. Switch on the Wii and enter the menu.
With the component cable connected the additional option of '480p[EDTV]' is available , select that.

Now sit back and enjoy a better picture.
Personally I could definitely see a difference and reckon IT IS worth it.
Remember its still not true HD , just better.
The 'perspective' and 3D feel within Super Mario Galaxy is just sooo much better.

without the web I would never have known this option even existed!

roll on Mario Kart to be released April 2008 .................

Edit 1 : and heres another thread.
AV Forums cable comparison thread

You can actually buy an RGB Scart cable too which is better than composite but not as good as component

Sunday, 16 March 2008

5600 miles

27.3 MPG average over 318 miles (needle was below empty! 0 miles to go on dash)

Car now at 5600 miles , filled up with 99RON Tesco fuel and the car loves it.
And appears to pull more psi boost as well :-)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

allan visits / front grilles

Allans Mk2 MR2 Turbo last weekend

visited Awesome in Irlam as well , so some modding to start soon :-)

also ordered some front fog light grilles Fischer Motorsport in Germany
that have the vent holes cut out.

Used to be on earlier DSG cars for cooling, but no longer needed.
They need further work to ensure all the holes are cut out , but its a great head start from the OE grilles which have no holes

Saturday, 16 February 2008

DEFI 52mm Blue Racer fitted!

At last ! after weeks shying away from taking my new car to pieces I have now fitted the boost gauge.

Parts bought

1. OSIR RHD opod mono gauge pod
2. DEFI Blue Racer 52 mm Boost Gauge
3. Forge Motorsport Boost Guage Fitting Kit

1+2 from TT shop , 3 from forge direct.

Number 3 is useful as it is very neat and provides 3 feeds as required , all tubing etc is supplied. Its not cheap but in my opinion worth getting.

Boost sensor is currently fixed to one of the air intake screws
Electrical connection runs through main bulkhead behind battery into passengers footwell, inside car running to drivers footwell and up to RH airvent.

I have chosen to only use the switched 12V from the spare terminal found at top row of fusebox behind the dash panel on RHS.
Not using a permanent 12V , and I have also chosen to run the gauge with a constant on 12V feed to the illum wire.
Therefore the gauge runs in 'night mode' all the time.
Prefer it this way.

I have also removed a black cover that sits on outside edge of gauge , it has some slots plus a red marker. However I feel it all looks better without.

Boost wise the ED30 runs

22 inHg idle
24 inHg in gear decel

12 psi peak
3rd gear runs to 6.5 k rpm = approx 7.5 psi (0.5 bar)

Audi S3 is 1.2 bar = 17.4 psi for 265 hp
ED30 rempa Oettinger runs to 1.55 bar for 330 bhp!

Interestingly it highlights what I've always felt , that under some conditions the car does not deliver the full 12 psi on full throttle. Often backing off and re-applying it then delivers 12 !
Seen this in other cars where progressive application to full throttle rather than slamming pedal down achieves more accel!

Car also seems to never deliver 12psi when applying WOT in 6th.

Also another tankful 27.4 MPG and 322 miles , filled up with Tesco 99RON this time.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

bbs ch black edition wheels / 4000 miles complete

some lovely new wheels released by BBS , black with a polished lip.
Not sure if it would be too much black though on a black car.
If the car was white it would be awesome.
also passed 4000 miles in the car and its getting better each day...
Noticed very light swirl marks in paint today after a wash (even using 2 bucket method!) so car needs a proper polish sometime soon

Friday, 1 February 2008

car gets looked at for clutch noise

decided it was time to see what the garage thought.
Gilberton Lawton Manchester were very good , and I went out with 2 technicians to try my car. Described the problem , but according to them my car was the same as every other GTI.
I'm still not sure that is the case , but for now I think thats as far as I want to take it.
They couldnt be more helpful and offered to look under car on ramps.

remap anyone? lol

photoshop Compomotive MO onto ED30

I used to have 18 inch 6 spoke Compomotive MO wheels on the mini , so it was easy to photoshop them onto my car from prev pics.

Pic 1 = std car 18 inch Pescaras
Pic 2 = 18 inch MO
Pic 3 = in black
Pic 4 = oversize eqv to 19 or 20 inch MO's ;-)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Edition 30 : 3500 miles

this time Tesco 99 RON , def felt car ran smoother esp at idle
Seems around 26-27 MPG is the norm , and around 300 miles to a tank.

Happy Birthday Allan :-)

Friday, 18 January 2008

edition 30 hits 3000 miles....

Last two tanks of fuel , as you can see not as good , must be driving too fast!