Friday, 21 March 2008

Wii picture quality

Theres me happily playing Super Mario Galaxy , when a usual web surfing night takes me down the route of picture quality from the Wii !

Funnily enough I always though it was a bit 'soft' but reckoned that was just the way the Wii was!

setup =
std Wii
42 inch Pioneer plasma PDP-427XD

It turns out using the standard supplied 'composite' cable (3 plugs , 1 video , 2 sound either with or without the SCART adapter), the only 2 options available in the Wii Menu picture settings are 576i[50Hz] or 480i[60Hz].

Using the std cable I got the best picture using the first setting 576i

However the 2 links below show the difference that may be achievable using a 'component' cable (5 plugs , 3 video , 2 sound)

picture comparison 1
picture comparison 2

There are various versions of the cable but I bought the one from here

Wii Component Cable from Game UK

£9.99 delivered , 12.99 in the shop and they wouldnt price match their own product! go figure!!!

You MUST have a TV that supports component in , so check that first.
Its dead easy

1. Swap the cables over

2. Plug the 3 component picture leads into your component in plugs (for pioneer that was Input2)

now at this point I incorrectly plugged the other 2 leads into the 'output' connections on the back of the tv!!! NO SOUND obviously , it didnt seem obvious so I did some surfing....and the solution is...

3. In order to get sound you also need to use the SCART adapter supplied originally with your Wii and plug the 2 audio leads into that then plug the adapter into the SCART input for the same src channel (for me that was Input 2)

[note if you use surround sound or a system be aware you may need another make of cable(madcatz etc) that has longer runs for the audio cables to reach something other than the TV inputs!]

4. Ensure the settings for the TV are correct , for the 427XD , I needed to adjust the src to be 'component' otherwise there was no picture.
It should also be noted the TV does not seem to 'auto' switch channels using this input method.

5. Switch on the Wii and enter the menu.
With the component cable connected the additional option of '480p[EDTV]' is available , select that.

Now sit back and enjoy a better picture.
Personally I could definitely see a difference and reckon IT IS worth it.
Remember its still not true HD , just better.
The 'perspective' and 3D feel within Super Mario Galaxy is just sooo much better.

without the web I would never have known this option even existed!

roll on Mario Kart to be released April 2008 .................

Edit 1 : and heres another thread.
AV Forums cable comparison thread

You can actually buy an RGB Scart cable too which is better than composite but not as good as component

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