Monday, 20 February 2006

...M3 bought ......MINI traded in....

Hello ...
Yes , well I dont know how to explain this but...
Ive just bought an M3 :-) . Many reasons but the biggest one is getting rid of the motorbike , firstly to save my licence (so I bought an M3 LOL!), secondly safety wise I was always riding too fast. And of course its a bloody sexy motor car :-)
Here are the dealer pictures ....

First mods will be projector front indicators (to get rid of the big white bits beside the headlights , fit the micro road pilot and get an new icelink fitted.
Oh and a small front number plate :-)

Tonight I removed the wheels from the MINI , put the runflats back on and cleaned the car one last time. Sad really , but we must move on. The MINI will certainly be a superb buy for someone , its in better condition than when it was bought 18 months ago!! Have loved every minute of owning the MINI , and can certainly see why everyone raves about them. Car is going with 33k miles on it.

Tomorrow is hopefully the start of yet another car journey for me....

Wednesday, 8 February 2006


Just to add to the mix are another couple of possibles instead of a E46 M3....

1. New Golf R32 : Nice but pricey at 30k ish for a well specced new car. Can be 3 or 5 dr
2. Subaru WR1 : One of the few subarus I really like.. and should only be around 25k for a good second hand 04 car with around 10-15k miles on the clock

Feel free to suggest any other cars :-)

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

32k miles / car finally washed! / new camera

"Before" and "After" shots of the MINI after a quick wash this weekend, what a difference the car was black.
Also now clicked on past 32,000 miles.

Also tried to get an insurance quote for an M3 from Greenlight and they said no !! Apparently too many claims .. sigh

Been a while since my last gadget , so splashed out on a 6MP Sony DSC-T9 digital camera :-) its sooo small and cool. Time will tell if its any good or not.