Saturday, 28 November 2009

345mm cross drilled S3 (same as R32) front brakes fitted to Golf GTI Edition 30 (std are 312mm)

a full review to follow in due course but given that a track day looms I have succumbed to a slight upgrade ;-)

S3 front brakes, std pads and goodridge braided hoses

here they are laid out for fitting :

From Johns Car Blog

the Edition 30 original setup 312mm x 25mm single pot :

From Johns Car Blog

getting fitted by ADS Preston, 345mm x 30mm single pot:

From Johns Car Blog

blurry but good :

From Johns Car Blog

up and running :

From Johns Car Blog


chris.wbaldwin said...

Hey mate, where did you get the S3 brakes from?? I have the same car and would like a bit more bite
cheers chris

JohnO said...

hi chris,

I got them from DaveB1970 who frequents

register on the site (its a great forum)and send him a PM about what your after.
Be warned though, there are plenty more options that youll want :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi John i remember you having your brakes upgraded to S3 i now haver a set on their way. I was wondering how much better you find them than standard? Also how much did it cost to fit, thanks John, love the website!

chris.wbaldwin said...

John, how mcuh did you pay to have these fitted? do they feel much better than the standard brakes? Cheers

JohnO said...

Hi Chris,

They are vastly better than standard both in terms of pedal feel and ultimate stopping ability. I havent had them fade once yet!

Cost was around £100 to fit, or a relatively easy DIY if you have the time/tools.

Im very pleased with the upgrade, although I would probably be very tempted with the 'NotSoBBK' which uses Porsche calipers on OE 312mm discs (check it out on the mk5 forum) as an alternative these days.

Biggest downside is the unsprung weight increase with R32/S3 calipers.

Im very happy, my only concern is getting another set of cross drilled 345mm discs now that the forum brake guru is now in retirement!

Good luck with the upgrade, dont forget to bed them in properly and book a track day :-)


chris.wbaldwin said...

Hi John, well got a full set from flea bay just hope they are as good as they say they are! Anything will be better than standard as they are pretty poor!

Not gonna book a track day as im worried i'll crash the thing!!
How does your Ed 30 compare with your M3?

JohnO said...

lol, worries me to, but hey you only live once :-)

Chalk and cheese really, the M3 was almost double the price of the ED30 when new, this shows in the engineering and 'feel'
That aside though I'm very happy with the ED30, and speed wise Id say theres nothing in it! (make it stg2+ and itll be faster...)

still gaze longingly at M3's though as i loved that car :-)
everyone should try one.