Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Miglior Professional Car Detailing

just a blatant plug for Jays website for his professional detailing business, top guy , top work , highly reccomended ....

heres xome comments from :

I love car detailing (as a keen amateur) and have previously done it all myself, but this year decided I would enlist the services of a pro (JPC).

Initially it does appear to be a relatively large outlay (but compare it to tuning parts and it isnt....) for paintwork.
Thats the misconception.

If you have the time , then by all means learn from the pros and buy the right kit and DIY
but this will cost you a reasonable outlay. If you will stick at it and have the patience to learn the right way to do things , then go this way

But as we all know time is limited , and the days of having 2-3 days free to clean a car just never happens when you have wife/kids/dogs/houses/jobs... insert selfish other tasks here to look after......

Yes I want to do it myself , but no I just dont have the time.
I can only confirm that my car was well looked after and came back like glass
Using the correct washing procedure I have only washed it and lightly detailed it to keep it looking fresh.
No more than 2 hrs tops and its back to gleaming.....
hassle free gorgeous car everytime , and its now > 6 months later

its a balance but you pay professionals to look after your engine / add mods , so i dont see why the same principal doesnt apply to car detailing.
Yes you can DIY , but ultimately a well known and trusted professional will be able to do create a better finish , that lasts longer, in less time using the correct finishes for your specific car

for me this is Miglior Detailing aka 'JPC' due to location and he's someone from the forum I can trust.
based on location though this can apply to your local 'trusted' detailing professional.

this was not intended to be a advert , but a comparison of DIY vs Professional detailing

get it done :-)

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