Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ferrari and Porsche driving at Prestwold Hall

there were 2 vouchers bought for me over xmas 2008, so they needed to be taken.
Ferrari thrill and Porsche thrill.

4 laps in a ST Focus to learn the track
then 4 laps in a yellow 360
then 4 laps in a silver 997

Really well organised, and very easy to get sucked in to purchase extra laps in the other cars there.

I preferred the 997 tbh , manual gearbox and a much better 'feel' than the 360
the semi auto change in the 360 was absolute rubbish! made a nice sound though.
track is small at 1.8 miles and laps soon pass.

Its a very controlled environment which i can understand.
Full credit to everyman racing , and definitely a fantastic day out

Next up Im at Oulton Park in the Edition 30 ;-)

Lots of lovely performance cars
Lambos,430,elise,GTR,impreza,r8 etc , check out the pics.

Everyman Racing Driving Days

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