Tuesday, 24 June 2008

new cleaning products

yeah , well its an evolving art , cleaning the car.
Surfing forums there tend to be knowledgeable members who know suggest new gear all the time.

So heres some new toys

Chemical Guys Ultra Plush dryer towel

supposed to replace the meguiars drying towel (I moved away from a traditional leather a long time ago!)

Poorboys Wheel Sealant

I used to use WD40 (dont ask!) , then moved to polish.
But apparantly you are supposed to polish then apply a 'sealant' like this

and finally the poor mans karcher :-)

Spray Foamer for Hose

I have now had a chance to use all three and they are superb.

Towel = one wipe and its dry
Sealant = smells great , and so far seems to really repel the brake dust
Foamer = a total laugh , love it , used with normal megs wash diluted 1:2 , lots of foam , and the 2nd bucket is now much cleaner when washing.

Recommend them all. But I warn you that cleanyourcar website is addictive :-)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

golfgtiforum.co.uk Rolling Road Day @ Awesome 2

Another rolling road day organised by Joe on www.golfgtiforum.co.uk
A huge turnout with mostly MkV Golf GTI's and Edition 30's in various states of tune.

Put my car on again too , expected few more bhp than last time as more miles on car, but alas the higher temps and new software on Awesomes rolling road reduced them slightly but still came out at

250 flywheel / 230 wheels / 250 lbs/ft torque

well happy and a great basis for mods.


Thursday, 5 June 2008

8400 miles

been a while , trying to run continuously on Tesco 99RON.
Car runs great , pulls 11-13 psi and MPG seems to have gone up a bit.
Car just seems to get stronger with more miles.

Another golfgtiforum.co.uk RR day at Awesome on Saturday.
Reckon I will put the car on again and see if theres even more horses after another couple of thousand miles.
At least 20 cars , mostly MkV GTI's and Ed30 in various states of tune , so should be good.

Just a pic of our cars nice and clean

Tried the new turtle wax ice polish and so far I'm impressed , VERY easy to use.

Currently playing Mario Kart Wii which is supreme and even better in online mode