Tuesday, 31 March 2009

GTI Spring Festival Santa Pod pics

indeed , much to my disapointment I did not run, waste of cash for such a busy day.
So sadly the carp 15 sec run stands

The 24hrs events went something like this ....

11pm Sat : Set my phone 1 hr forward to negate the 'gained hr'
1 am : clocks go forward
4 am my alarm goes off , with my phone having auto adjusted, so im now 2 hrs ahead of schedule and cant get back to sleep FFS
5 am : breky and reply to illyuns post on the forum , reckon I could just go back to bed........
6 am : make my way down to services , on the way fill up. heated seats ablaze and a nice 'enormous cup of caffeine' , its nearly dawn ........
6:45 : tom texts to say they have left krispies / 2 clean cars are easy to spot , whoosh down the slip road only to give Tom a heart attack while flashing the lights , bad move easily miconstrued as a copper (sorry Tom!)
....nice cruise to LFE services at a sensible speed in a convoy of 3 , on the way down pass 2 crazy people with top down in an old morgan
....Tom decides to show us a the drifting skills of the audi whilst negotiating a roundabout for LFE services
815am : LFE meetup with other convoy members inc jonnyc
then onto the pod
enormous queues to get in , oh and its gone up to £15 too!
09:30 : by chance find SteveS who gets directed by a marshal to someone hitherto unknown stand area that isnt ours....
...find correct stand ...... usual forum trailer queens already parked up
10:00 chinwag with the usual suspects, nathan starts adding swirl marks polishing his car to show off his new rims ( ). Usual 'I want one of those' discussions starts
wander round the sheds nice cars
11 : jonnyc shows us all how its done (12.6 @ 115 mph !!!!!)
more cars , food and drink
1pm jet car
more cars , food and drink
1.01 booked in for replacement eardrums
more cars , food and drink
3.30 pm time for home, long day catching up on me , unexpected sun tan !
5.30 home : dinner and bottle of wine , 320 miles total journey distance, car , licence, and clutch intact...

What a great day
Once again the forum members turn out in force...
Although we do need a flag/banner (Greenouse offered his cars wheels to hold it in place )
good to meet some new and some familiar faces, had a good chat with VWR about engine mounts too.
Thanks to Jay and Tom for the convoy and the hospitality , appreciated guys
Cheers to SteveS for the stand, was a great focal point and allowed us to stay nearer to the action

Ill try and get pics up later...................

Friday, 27 March 2009

Battlestar Galactica : Final episode / Cyclon Test

In celebration of the final episode of BG
added Battlestar Galactica Human or Cyclon test to the sidebar ---> try for yourself

Last episode was 130 minutes long and was brilliant.
First 1/2 was the battlestar of old with lots of action
Second 1/2 was a bit more fluffy.

All in all the whole re-imagined series has been ace, thoroughly recommmend it.
Seasons 1 and 2 are just amazing.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Edition 30 20k miles service

Car at 19,600 miles and 18 months old
While you wait service today at Gilbert Lawton Manchester , yours for £165.
Took 1.5 hrs
Forgot to ask for long life oil (bummer) but hey its not the end of the world.
Car requires the 2yr brake fluid change in Oct too
Tyres 3mm front (70% worn!) and 6mm rear (hardly worn),legal limit is 1.7mm
Front tyres are fantastic but have only lasted 8k miles :-(

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

santa pod pic

From the Santa Pod website heres my pic from the first runs of the year!

Best was 15 sec = very poor .....must do better


Sunday, 22 March 2009

edition 30 mpg update / spotted ed30 / R32

Edition 30 MPG update 29.6 MPG , 349 miles travelled on the tank (not inc reserve lol)
Car desperately in need of a service too

First pic is another ED30 in the car park for work I see almost every day
Second was a stunning 58 plate in B&Q today , looked gorgeous.....

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

twitter ditched

cant b rsed with twitter Ive ditched it lol....

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ed30 19k miles MPG / run out of fuel! / 74% Metroid completed

Well I didnt intend to do so but I managed to find out the point at which my car dies due to lack of the amber nectar......

First pic is my normal refuel point (0 miles left to go but still some left), however I decided to leave it (as I was going on holiday).
Funnily I also reset the trip just for fun!
Then the sun must have got to me, as we arrived back late the day before work and Id forgotten .......
cue jump in car 6.30am and I head to work, reckon I can make it to Manchester (just) and refill there.

Indeed I did, but I as attempted to restart for my return journey that day, it immediately fired then died AHA
I was soooo lucky I hadnt made it into the rush hr traffic by that point.

So for my car with gentle driving I got 24 miles from 0 estimated to empty. (ED30 + remap)

Funnily enough many a time on the the motorway etc I have been at around 20 miles past 0 and not been aware how close Ive been to stopping dead in my tracks...

for the more observant among you , yes thats 30 MPG and 390 + miles on a tank for a remapped car that I dont exactly hang about in sometimes

useless info related....end message

for those sad Wii people out there the last pick is my progress in Metroid Prime on the Wii 74%