Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ed30 19k miles MPG / run out of fuel! / 74% Metroid completed

Well I didnt intend to do so but I managed to find out the point at which my car dies due to lack of the amber nectar......

First pic is my normal refuel point (0 miles left to go but still some left), however I decided to leave it (as I was going on holiday).
Funnily I also reset the trip just for fun!
Then the sun must have got to me, as we arrived back late the day before work and Id forgotten .......
cue jump in car 6.30am and I head to work, reckon I can make it to Manchester (just) and refill there.

Indeed I did, but I as attempted to restart for my return journey that day, it immediately fired then died AHA
I was soooo lucky I hadnt made it into the rush hr traffic by that point.

So for my car with gentle driving I got 24 miles from 0 estimated to empty. (ED30 + remap)

Funnily enough many a time on the the motorway etc I have been at around 20 miles past 0 and not been aware how close Ive been to stopping dead in my tracks...

for the more observant among you , yes thats 30 MPG and 390 + miles on a tank for a remapped car that I dont exactly hang about in sometimes

useless info related....end message

for those sad Wii people out there the last pick is my progress in Metroid Prime on the Wii 74%

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