Tuesday, 31 March 2009

GTI Spring Festival Santa Pod pics

indeed , much to my disapointment I did not run, waste of cash for such a busy day.
So sadly the carp 15 sec run stands

The 24hrs events went something like this ....

11pm Sat : Set my phone 1 hr forward to negate the 'gained hr'
1 am : clocks go forward
4 am my alarm goes off , with my phone having auto adjusted, so im now 2 hrs ahead of schedule and cant get back to sleep FFS
5 am : breky and reply to illyuns post on the forum , reckon I could just go back to bed........
6 am : make my way down to services , on the way fill up. heated seats ablaze and a nice 'enormous cup of caffeine' , its nearly dawn ........
6:45 : tom texts to say they have left krispies / 2 clean cars are easy to spot , whoosh down the slip road only to give Tom a heart attack while flashing the lights , bad move easily miconstrued as a copper (sorry Tom!)
....nice cruise to LFE services at a sensible speed in a convoy of 3 , on the way down pass 2 crazy people with top down in an old morgan
....Tom decides to show us a the drifting skills of the audi whilst negotiating a roundabout for LFE services
815am : LFE meetup with other convoy members inc jonnyc
then onto the pod
enormous queues to get in , oh and its gone up to £15 too!
09:30 : by chance find SteveS who gets directed by a marshal to someone hitherto unknown stand area that isnt ours....
...find correct stand ...... usual forum trailer queens already parked up
10:00 chinwag with the usual suspects, nathan starts adding swirl marks polishing his car to show off his new rims ( ). Usual 'I want one of those' discussions starts
wander round the sheds nice cars
11 : jonnyc shows us all how its done (12.6 @ 115 mph !!!!!)
more cars , food and drink
1pm jet car
more cars , food and drink
1.01 booked in for replacement eardrums
more cars , food and drink
3.30 pm time for home, long day catching up on me , unexpected sun tan !
5.30 home : dinner and bottle of wine , 320 miles total journey distance, car , licence, and clutch intact...

What a great day
Once again the forum members turn out in force...
Although we do need a flag/banner (Greenouse offered his cars wheels to hold it in place )
good to meet some new and some familiar faces, had a good chat with VWR about engine mounts too.
Thanks to Jay and Tom for the convoy and the hospitality , appreciated guys
Cheers to SteveS for the stand, was a great focal point and allowed us to stay nearer to the action

Ill try and get pics up later...................

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