Thursday, 23 October 2008

'The Golf' article on the 2.0 T FSI engine

Scanned and created pdf for recent 'The Golf' article on the 2.0 T FSI engine


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

edition 30 12k miles etc

Its been a while! So heres some catchup pics and some things I have bought.

2 more recent mileage pics

I also had all four wheels off to paint the rusty wheel hubs on the ED30
Used smoothrite which I have used before on the mr2 and it seems to stay put
Also took the opportunity to fully clay the inside of the wheels and apply lots of poorboys sealant :-)

Ferrari Challenge on the Wii screenshot. Jurys still out on the game itself !

Ipod Belkin Clear case = FAB , a chance pickup in dixons that is fantastic

Etymotic ER4P earphones = even more FAB , an upgrade from my previous ER6i ones
(note the right angled connector)