Thursday, 14 October 2010

Awesome GTI ditch APR and sign with REVO : free months amnesty offered

to quote from Awesome GTI's facebook feed :

As Directors of Awesome we decided that we better produce a formal statement regarding the introduction of REVO TECHNIK to our product line.

For nearly 10 years, Awesome have been responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of all ...APR software and hardware products in the UK. Over a number of years, Awesome have suffered due to 'internal politics' at APR and we have decided to terminate our business relations. As from 3 PM on Tuesday 12th October 2010, Awesome terminated its partnership with APR LLC and signed contracts with Revo Technik as an approved dealer.

As we have many loyal customers who have chosen APR as the preferred product, we want to give these people our continued support.
As it will now be impossible for Awesome to flash APR software to any vehicle, an agreement has been reached with our new partners REVO to allow a 28 Day Amnesty starting Monday the 18th of October. This will allow any existing APR software equipped vehicle to be re flashed to REVO software with no charge. It does not matter how long the car has had APR software fitted, as long as the purchase invoice can be produced. The only cars that this will not apply to is the older chip change vehicles. The FREE conversion to REVO will only allow single programs and if an SPS unit is required, that will be an added cost. These amnesty burns can only be carried out at Awesome and any questions regarding the Amnesty will be answered by our sales staff.

Finally, all of us here at Awesome are looking forward to working closely with everyone at REVO and we have been promised some VERY exciting products are in the pipeline especially some totally new 1.8T software to blow you away. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim cotton (Managing Director)
Mark Ash (Operations Director)

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