Saturday, 30 October 2010

baby 3d casting kit from

with my daughter now over 6 months old, I bought a home 3d casting kit for my wifes birthday.
I have now finally finished it over a month later lol
looks easy but the biggest problem is getting your loved one to stay still long enough!

Bought a nice kit from 3d casting kits at includes frame , white card and everything you need.
Heres after the foot was done ...

and finally the finished article, note its left 'natural' colour. I didnt use the silver paint in the kit, as i think it looks better (and a little less freaky looking lol)

Top notch service from, I did in fact drop the glass from the frame which they replaced FOC the next day! Amazing and really something in this day and age.

Top kit , Top business. Get one and try it out for yourself

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Little Silver Print said...

The tiny little fingers are just adorable ! I love how you have got the natural look instead of the hand flat out like a lot of parents try to achieve( it is near impossible) . Thanks for sharing this post.