Saturday, 9 October 2010

replace battery (code S920SW) D&G Mens Sandpiper watch white face

my wife wears a Gents D&G watch which just recently stopped working (dead battery).
The estimated costs from 2 places I visited were £10 up to £25, the biggest issue being that 'it cost more so we can certify its waterproof again' , well call me tight,but Im not spending 10% or more of the watches original value on a battery replacement. Daylight robbery, forcing me to go down the route of changing it myself.

heres the watch in question
D&G Mens Sandpiper watch silver strap with white face

I would thoroughly recommend buying the proper tool to remove and replace the watch back.
The 2 choices appear to be

An adjustable 2 pronged tool
MKCLOCKS Pocket Sized Waterproof Screw back Watch Case Opener (ebay)
A 'jaxa' tool which is 3 arms on a handle

I bought the former as it was cheaper (£4.99)

An the most important item, the battery code ....
1.55v Silver Oxide Watch battery(SR920SW)
plenty to choose from on ebay. around a £1

voila job done for £6 [UPDATE : Nov 2013 : nearly 3 years from the post above the battery finally stopped, and ireplaced with exactly the same again. top quality]


njljhlkjkjb said...

thanks a lot for the info, i have just come across the same situation, decided i will do it myself and now i have the battery code! thanks

njljhlkjkjb said...

thanks great info!

Anonymous said...

nearly 5years on and you just saved me £60.00 replacement.... costed me £6.00 and 2minutes and all done thank you for the advice ....

s m said...

just about to attempt this myself, love this watch and would like to wear again after some years!