Monday, 1 November 2010

Nexus One : from VF FRF91 to FRG33 and beyond (FRG83)

I currently own a Nexus One mobile phone bought off ebay second hand, what I didnt realise was that it has a custom vodafone firmware! which means you always wait ages for vodafone to 'agree' a release.
This was kindof ok for a while , as Froyo was delivered quite quickly.

But recently Ive been unable to upgrade the YouTube app , and I wanted to be ready for Gingerbread 2.3 when its released :-)

So I decided to upgrade to free me from the VF shackles.
Its detailed in the post below but basically I went from

VF FRF91 -> stock FRG33 (full -> stock FRG83 (

All seemed to go well, although Ive had to load all apps again. (i used Astro to backup prior to upgrade, then reinstalled using Astro)
LauncherPro allows you to save config which is nice :-)
all stuff on sd card is of course untouched.
Swype needs fully reinstalled.

So far phone seems fab, battery life has improved which i suspect is mostly down to 3G changes.
It now seems to only show '3G' when theres a decent enough signal, most of the time its 2g! round my area.

Now eagerly awai ting Gingerbread :-)

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