Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Jasons RS4 Avant / Allans MR2 new wheels / Golf Edition 30 MPG

1st pics :
sickening , Jason turned up at the weekend after picking up his RS4 avant from London.
Swine! Absolutely lovely , the noise when you fire it up is WOW
I think thats the dream driveway for me , RS4 and Edition 30 , wonder if Amy would approve?!?

2nd pics :
Allan , like hot dinners , gets a notion and changes his wheels more often than most.
So heres a pic of the new set , along with some new F1 tyres yum
Looks cool I reckon , totally different look to the OZ wheels.
He's off on a highland drive soon , so I reckon he needs to get the F1's scrubbed in , they are always cr*p for the first 100 miles!

3rd pics : Edition 30 MPG last tank
26.6 MPG (lower than normal so i must be driving faster :-) )
5934 miles now covered , with that tank lasting 311 miles (showing 0 miles to go and guage below empty!)

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