Saturday, 16 February 2008

DEFI 52mm Blue Racer fitted!

At last ! after weeks shying away from taking my new car to pieces I have now fitted the boost gauge.

Parts bought

1. OSIR RHD opod mono gauge pod
2. DEFI Blue Racer 52 mm Boost Gauge
3. Forge Motorsport Boost Guage Fitting Kit

1+2 from TT shop , 3 from forge direct.

Number 3 is useful as it is very neat and provides 3 feeds as required , all tubing etc is supplied. Its not cheap but in my opinion worth getting.

Boost sensor is currently fixed to one of the air intake screws
Electrical connection runs through main bulkhead behind battery into passengers footwell, inside car running to drivers footwell and up to RH airvent.

I have chosen to only use the switched 12V from the spare terminal found at top row of fusebox behind the dash panel on RHS.
Not using a permanent 12V , and I have also chosen to run the gauge with a constant on 12V feed to the illum wire.
Therefore the gauge runs in 'night mode' all the time.
Prefer it this way.

I have also removed a black cover that sits on outside edge of gauge , it has some slots plus a red marker. However I feel it all looks better without.

Boost wise the ED30 runs

22 inHg idle
24 inHg in gear decel

12 psi peak
3rd gear runs to 6.5 k rpm = approx 7.5 psi (0.5 bar)

Audi S3 is 1.2 bar = 17.4 psi for 265 hp
ED30 rempa Oettinger runs to 1.55 bar for 330 bhp!

Interestingly it highlights what I've always felt , that under some conditions the car does not deliver the full 12 psi on full throttle. Often backing off and re-applying it then delivers 12 !
Seen this in other cars where progressive application to full throttle rather than slamming pedal down achieves more accel!

Car also seems to never deliver 12psi when applying WOT in 6th.

Also another tankful 27.4 MPG and 322 miles , filled up with Tesco 99RON this time.

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