Sunday, 30 November 2008

N95 8GB firmware update 20.xx / Content Copier Contacts Lost Bug!

upgraded the firmware on my N95 8GB from to
Took a full backup via Nokia Content Copier before doing so , upgraded then re-instated the backup.
Only 1 issue no contacts WTF?!?

Quick web browse shows its a bug.....

Full backup contains Contacts but its not restored to phone

Download the exe and copy them from the backup , sorted , panic over PHEW!


95 GTS said...

ah the ole firmware updates - do you not use Nokia PC Suite to sync the phone? Use version 7 not the N series software which I personally find el crapo

JohnO said...

Mr GTS ! That is with NSS surprised , cos its a big f*ck off bug at that!
Obv no UAT testing at Nokia lol


95 GTS said...

UAT? testing - pah no one does that in today's world of get to market yesterday and figure out the bugs tomorrow. At least you got it sorted ;-)