Thursday, 3 July 2008

WAG300N : Do not buy one!

Well I have used this far a year now.
I had numerous setup issues / conflicts with our DECT phones , but the final straw came this week when I turned off the power to the house to do some DIY.

Router powers back up , but power light flashes and boot cycle repeats = DEAD ROUTER.
I had to get my trusty wired version out its box !

Trawl of internet shows that the firmware is corrupt Brilliant!

And because you cant hit the router itself via the web interface its a pain in the ar*e to fix.
Download an uploader program from linksys , then assign a fixed IP to your machine then attempt a remote firmware upgrade.
Eventually it worked , but no wireless WTF????
Then I turned it off , and the cycle repeated again , arghhhh.
Decided enoughs enough and its now been relegated to be sold on ebay.

Support from Linksys has been poor.
The unit itself obviosuly doesnt like be turned off
The wireless side is cr*p
and to top it all off its no longer N spec as they have changed the spec mid way through and it cant be upgraded!

All in All , a really bad product from Linksys
DO NOT BUY the WAG300N under any circumstances
(I have one going cheap if you must lol)

Learning my lesson , I went out and bought a reliable throughly benchmarked product.............
oops nope, I got dragged in by the shining display

Belkin N1 Vision ADSL Router

Heres the 6 possible screens and the unit itself :

So far so good , 2 minutes to install , no messing with channels to avoid DECT phones (go figure!) , throughput seems good , signal strength to laptop seems good downstairs (76%)

Will report how it goes but the display is cool as f*ck :-)

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