Thursday, 7 January 2010

freeview signal merging S4C Wales and WinterHill. mixed channels

after the switchover in December 09 I retuned the 37 inch plasma Panasonic and all seemed to work OK.

but after the screen detecting new channels in Jan I chose to rescan ..... that was a mistake.
It messed up the channels , and gave me S4C and poor quality Channel4

looking at the signal strength and frequency of each, I could see that I was receiving from 2 transmitters.

no matter how much I tried I couldnt adjust them!

In the end the heath robinson solution was to scan and take a note of the position on the horizontal bar where the Welsh data was transmitted on (lower value) and where the higher band winter hill signal started.
I used my them but you could use tape lol

I then removed the aerial , rescanned and waited until I had got past the freq the Welsh channels would have been on (if the aerial was connected)
then quickly shoved the aerial back in...

voila full strength all channels , all in correct order, all from winter hill.


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