Friday, 12 August 2005

4k bike service booked / blade demo run booked / road pilot ist kaput / beta HP drivers found

Yep ,finally phoned bike dealer in Ayr.
Bike is booked in for 4k service , fit bike design crash bungs , replace rhs indicator and replace both tyres.
Rear tyre Bridgestone BT014R def needs replaced , front is fine , but Im just getting both replaced as a matched set , being replaced with Metzler tyres which came 3rd in a recent MCN roadtest.

I also requested a test ride on a demo fireblade :-)
Would love to upgrade , however I dont think they look as sexy as the blue of the 600RR (the 'blade is blue/silver mix) , insurance is also a big issue.

Maybe wait til my experience and new colours for 2006 1000RR

Will post up my experience , cant wait to see exactly how different a litre bike is to the 600cc.............

Car wise the Micro RoadPilot no longer gets a GPS lock , I suspect the antenna has a broken wire (from me messing about with it whilst fitting the first time) , so I need to test on my dads car harness then order a new harness if thats the problem ...pah 89 quid....

On a plus note I finally managed to download the beta HP drivers which should hopefully mean my PSC1350 now works with Win XP Pro x64.



Jeronimo ( said...

Hi, could you send me the address to download the beta drivers to the HP PSC 1350 (x64) please ?

Thank you,

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