Wednesday, 21 July 2004

mpg update / pillar pod in / planned mods

This week I shall be mostly getting...
Date                      Cost   Litres   Gallons   Mileage    mpg   Total Mileage         Type
19/07/2004    45.44   52.9     11.64    302           26.0       58999        BPULTIMATE

Sadly the tractor impression just gets worse :-( , The group buy on fccuk forum is looking more promising but theres still lots of R&D to be done first .........
Managed to open out the 52mm hole to 60mm within the single nomad pillar pod to allow fitment of my greddy boost gauge. Not a job for the fainthearted I can tell you ! Brittle fibreglass , one small slip and it was all over .....
However its now done and looks ace . Wasn't sure initially (as I think pods can look a bit too Fast+Furious stylee) but I really like it now . Plus I get my drivers side airvent back :-)  
Next gauges will be ExhaustGasTemp (EGT) and AirFuelRatio(AFR) , both Greddy (must have matching) .
But they are really expensive , so I will wait or maybe buy off ebay.

Other things to buy are Forge dump valve FMDV006 (recirc) , K+N air filter and Sparco strut brace.
Brakes and suspension are also long term buys LOL.
I always promised I wouldnt touch my car , but Ive now thrown that dummy well and truly out the pram........

Priority is still the manifold tho. 

Click on the image for more pics (and a couple of the a pillar pod)

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95 GTS said...

what's the car like on bp stuff, its the same price as optimax though is it not?

Pictures - we want pictures