Saturday, 24 July 2004

kenwood display / ipod mini / manifold update

Well after changing to a top kenwood cd unit I'm now well hacked off.
The display claims to be 'customizable' , which it is but only for the wallpapers/movies that kenwood supply ..... For a current head unit this is unacceptable IMHO. The old units used to be (kenwood in fact supply software to build the .kbm files required) but for some reason they have stopped this.
From what I can tell they have changed from 4 tone grayscale(old model) to 8 tone for the new one. They also add additional encoding to prevent you just renaming the file........
It may just be possible to break this but Im not sure its worth the effort.
Whatever the outcome ,kenwood are very 'devious' for not openly explaining this.  Ok so I mostly use the graphic eq display but thats not the point!
Aside from this issue the new stereo continues to perform great.

Ok so its not coupe related but I bought my lovely wife a new ipod mini that was released today (in a rather fetching pink!) . Very nice but more of a 'style' item LOL. Will set it up tommorrow and copy songs onto it , may report back later.

A sample unit from South Africa is on its way for evaluation. If all goes well I may get one soon......

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