Thursday, 13 April 2006

xenon flicker fixed...

Well , car went into Henry Bros , good service this time which is nice to see.
Xenon bulb on LHS was replaced. Engineer said transmission was fine and an M3 characteristic (expected this but wanted it confirmed). Apparently car ECU woudlnt accept the autolock coding so that hasnt happened yet.(wonder why it wont work?)
14300 miles now.

Oh and on my web searches I found that appararently there is a Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) in the clutch line that modulates how the clutch is released.
No matter how you release the pedal its always a controlled release and apparently this gives some odd behaviour.
have a look at this CDV info page



95 GTS said...

sounds like an excuse as to why bmw drivers cant drive ;-))

Linz said...

The Z4 also has a CDV which lead to much kangaroo-ing when I was first driving it!!