Monday, 5 September 2005

Sunday run on the bike

Couldnt sleep Sat night / Sun morning , so around 4am I decided I would just take the bike out for a wee run...
Went loch lomond road , and on up the A82 to Fort William , then up to Oban.
Came back a slightly different way to rejoin the A82 for the final leg home.
Absolutely stunning views , stopped at the roadside and watched the sun rise , sublime .....

lots of miles today , so now fast approaching 5000 miles , bike just feels better than ever, Metzler Sportec M1 tyres are superb and the engine just seems to be getting faster and faster with more miles under its belt. It also seems to be much quieter since the 4k service (change of oil type perhaps?)

1 comment:

95 GTS said...

nice pics mate! I was still snoring loudly in a drunken stake at 4am.

Shame we dont have that kind of weather for longer during the year eh?