Monday, 19 September 2005

more x64 issues

I bought an external Freecom Classic Mobile 2.5" 40GB USB2.0 HD so that I can transfer lots of music around :-)
Its a very nice piece of kit (in fact it runs the same type of HD as my freeview box)
Well packaged.
Installed the software and it seemed to run fine............until I rebooted my which point the logitech cordless keyboard and mouse stopped working and the external drive was doing very odd things and causing my machine to hang for long periods.

Basically the installation of the freecom supplied software had f*cked up the USB controllers (I guess the drivers). SO if you buy this drive DONT install the software.

Removed software and uninstalled USB controllers and rebooted , the USB stuff is automatically rebuilt on bootup and its all now OK.

Transfer very speedy for a laptop drive :-)


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