Monday, 21 September 2009

CoPilot Sat Nav for Android / Samsung i7500 Galaxy

well after using TomTom on my N95 (with a seperate GPS bluetooth unit) , it was time to try something new.

TomTom has yet to release an Android version (they have just released Iphone version though)

There are a few free android sat nav apps but by far the (only) paid option is

CoPilot 8 for Android

available from the Android Market for ?25

heres a review of TomTom VS CoPilot (on the Iphone but same really)

so far so good , works well.
Had a few issues initially , as once youve downloaded the app , you need to then download maps.
You can do this via the phone (WiFi only) or using a windows app
I chose to update via WiFi to my home router.
Download was seamless but CoPilot crashed once while loading the maps.
However all is OK now (I only have UK maps 187MB)

clear display , updates quickly , my only gripes are the voices are too late (but I think this is a system setting)
Button presses are slightly delayed while going through the menus but it becomes normal after a while, and the voices themselves are a little 'mechanical' compared to TomTom

One key point is you need a car charger !!!!
because the battery live is shocking at the best of times , but running GPS on it dies very quickly.

so far so good and its nice to have a change.

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bones said...

Thanks for the quick review of CoPilot! I just wanted to know if you could use CoPilot offline since I want to get a Galaxy without a data plan. Is this possible with the Galaxy/Behold 2? Thanks in advance!