Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 mpg update / first ever 10k training distance ran / gaggle of fiat 500 abarths

another Edition 30 update : 30.3MPG 372 miles

next image is my first ever 10k distance while training woohoo :-)
6.3 miles took 1hr 23 minutes (83 minutes) which is hardly record breaking pace.
Thats an average of 13.17 minute miles , which is almost fast walking (14 min/mile lol)
However I managed it , so will work on improving my pace over the next few weeks.
The Garmin forerunner and HRM are proving invaluable in determining my pace and recovery cycle.

final images are of 4 Fiat 500 abarths ready for the '59 plate owners....

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