Thursday, 10 September 2009

Samsung i7500 HTC Hero clock/weather widget / battery life again! / first ever reboot

HTC Hero look alike home screen clock and weather

any self respecting android user loves the HTC Hero SenseUI interface (a wrapper on Android 1.5)
now the Hero is laggy (although that may be fixed in a new firmware update) and if youre like me youve chosen the Samsung i7500 which has plain ol 1.5.
There are 2 options

1 : flash a custom HERO look a like rom onto the galaxy (i7500), there are some available.
Steps can be found on the web


2: install some cool widgets or home replacements that mimic the effect.

I want to keep a quick ui so I chose the widget option for now.
The key thing is that you have to be careful , as the wrong widget and your battery life will be shot........

I narrowed it down to
Beautiful Widgets
Weather Widget Donate
(which also allows you to get the forecast widget)

I chose the later after seeing a few places state some battery drain for the first one.
Weather Widget Donate works great , I have no lag issues , no increased battery drain and it looks slick.....highly recommended

(although I see that the Beautiful Widgets has just been updated completely and looks just as good, in fact includes 24hr support and hi/lo temp display), very tempting if I hadnt bought already lol

heres its installed, note that its a combined clock and weather skin.
From Johns Car Blog

(note how I also installed the Battery Status - free by them too. Both have free downloadable skins to allow you to customise the battery visuals, check out Lock 2.0 skin gallery
Dont be confused, the site details many things.

You can get skins for
1. Lock screen (I dont use this)
2. Weather + Clock combined widget
3. Battery widget
You use it to find the one you want , then from the phone you can download them now you have a name to use...
Im using the glass one just now , so the background shows through :-)
You can get to the settings by tapping the widget, it now shows the current and 3 day forecast.
Then press the menu button and 'settings' , there are 2 'skin' options , one for weather , one for battery.

Samsung i7500 galaxy battery life update
Now runs for one full day with most toys enabled :-) 3G/Data sync but not GPS. down to 35% by 11pm
Reckon if i turned 3g and sync off I could now get 2 days out of it.

I see the battery has an extended capacity cousin , so it wont be long before someone releases an extended battery and rear cover to improve the life , woohoo

First ever screen lockup and reboot on i7500!
Phones never been off since I got it, but today I tried to unlock it and it went unresponsive on the draw pattern to unlock screen eek!
then the android title came up and it rebooted , then I found the data connection was dead!
In the end I had to switch it on and off again and enter my sim pin code.
(first reboot seemed to not allow me to log into my pin lock)


neo said...

Looks great! Will try it on my Magic! I also found a great new battery for HTC Hero

HTC Hero said...

Amazing all that has been on this page, it attracts my mind, thanks for this informaiton.