Monday, 7 September 2009

its here : Wii Metroid Trilogy boxset woohoo

I spent many a long evening playing Metroid Prime (Number 3 out of the series and the only Wii title) bought for a bargain £10 from ebay.

Nintendo have now ported the Gamecube Metroid 1+2 to the Wii with the superb Wii controls and also tweaked it a bit , as well as that they throw in Prime too.

So three games for the price of one.

Cant wait to start playing 1 and 2 now , its gonna be a long month lol
For those new to the Wii or never played any of the Metroid series its a must try.

heres some review scores for IGN :

10 Presentation
All three games scored 10s for presentation and nothing has changed, including the horsepower between GameCube and Wii. The entire series is still slicker in every regard than most Wii titles.
9.0 Graphics
Amazing. The first time you see the snow falling in Phendrana Drift, your jaw will drop. Retro's art and tech combine for an amazing visual experience.
9.0 Sound
Moody and ambient throughout. Some of the voice acting in Corruption could be a little tighter, but otherwise your ears will be happy.
10 Gameplay
Absolutely incredible. The very essence of the 2D Metroid games reborn in 3D. With the new controls, you won't want to put your Wii remote down.
10 Lasting Appeal
More than 80 hours of some of the best interactive adventuring that money can buy. For the price of a regular Wii game.
Incredible OVERALL


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