Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Belkin N1 Modem Router firmware updated

have been doing a lot of surfing after getting my new phone (i7500) and came across THIS blog posting about updating the N1 firmware. Turns out its a cool site with lots of info (including android lol)
Occurred to me that I have never updated mine since I bought it!

So heres the page for my specific router :
Belkin F5D8632 - Pre-Release Firmware Update

I took the precaution of backing up the router setup (theres the ability to do this as one of the router page options) , and belt and braces I took screenshots of the relevant config.

mine was originally 1.00.06 and I was going to pre-release candidate 1.00.09

Its a N spec router (and now confirmed meets the recently agreed N spec , hurray)
but I only need it for B+G so far (laptop isnt N compatible)

Anyways , went to the router firmware upload page and started it off.
Within 5 minutes the router was back up and running (I chose NOT to do a full reset)

The router had already performed well , but it definitely seems faster , only time will tell if its stable.......

Moral of the story : update your firmware

and as if that isnt enough he provides a link to the N1 'secret' menu
N1 secret developer menu links

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