Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30k service GTI due / Seat Ibiza Sport 1.4 mpg / i7500 home screens

eeek , the service indicator popped up today !
last service was 20k in march, now thats a bit quick.

From Johns Car Blog

Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport MPG
used for commuting to work , while Amy uses the GTI !

330 miles @ 42 MPG
(yes thats over 10mpg up on her usual commute , must be the driver lol)

From Johns Car Blog

Samsung i7500 home screen shots
reckoned it was time to show my phone

Main home screen
Note the 'hero' style Weather Widget Donate
as well as the Battery Status Donate
both look great , perform well and dont drain your battery, so well worth paying for.

From Johns Car Blog

and the left swipe screen is
with RSS feed widgets and share price apps

From Johns Car Blog

right swipe screen is just various links for other apps but kept clear.

standard android has 3 screens (Left/Middle/Right) , but you can get more if you root and add a home replacement pack.

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