Thursday, 15 October 2009

success! H6 to I4 firmware O2 UK Samsing I7500 using NPS

I backed up my installed apps to sd card using Astro first.

uninstalled the previous NPS
downloaded the new NPS
still wouldnt recognise the phone , no options in the upgrade dropdown WTF !
Anyway I manually uninstalled (via AddRemovePrograms in Control Panel) , NPS AND all the associated drivers one by one.
then restarted PC and reinstalled NPS
This time it worked!
only mode available is upgrade (i.e. the rest of the software is useless , you cant even backup!)

phone restarted just fine.
I have not done a reset yet
As reported in the forums the keyboard has changed , and for me it was no longer popping up when trying to create a text message (at this point I got worried).
However going into Gmail and creating a message and it started to work :-)

this may not be an issue if you reset the phone after the upgrade.
All data remained including apps.
I4 has the new switchers widget to toggle settings
Be interesting to see how the battery life is now .....

From Johns Car Blog

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