Monday, 5 October 2009

samsung i7500 battery life continued....

quick update

managed 6am sat to 8pm today (monday) 14+48 = 62 hrs on a single charge! woohoo
occasional text/internet/messaging with everything turned on (except GPS)

using my own experience and from the
Android Forums
its clear that any pressing of buttons whilst locked causes battery drain.
Of note the most likely candidate is the camera button which had a two stage press.
So just keep an eye on it , if your battery drains quickly.
that includes the case that comes in the box!

I would definitely recommend the clear case cover.
However because its brittle plastic it has limitations too, namely the tabs on mine have broken when I tried to seperate the 2 halves for the 3rd time...sigh
Its a good case though.

no update yet on when if ever Samsung will provide a working NPS for us UK users!
I would love to upgrade my firmware officially but alas not yet.
also waiting realy hoping they also release a 1.6 firmware too

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