Thursday, 29 October 2009

Android Eclair 2.0 SDK released / GoogleMaps Turn by Turn Nav

well the android bus just never stops ....

Motorola Droid phone launched
Motorola Droid specs..

which runs the newly released
Android 2.0 Eclair

On October 26, 2009 the Eclair (2.0) SDK was released. Among the changes are :
New application icons
Optimized hardware speed
"Car Home" app
Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
Revamped UI
New browser UI
New contact lists
Better white/black ratio for backgrounds
Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
Microsoft Exchange support
Built in flash support for Camera
Digital Zoom
Improved virtual keyboard
Bluetooth 2.1

but the best bit is multiple email accounts woohoo

woohoo , I can only hope samsung release a i7500 version soon (remember we havent even had Donut 1.6 yet!).
I'm still running I4 which has Cupcake 1.5

and even more icing on the Eclair (2.0) lol, they have also released FREE turn by turn sat nav ...

only works on 2.0 thought.

lots of lovely new features, and no need to pay for nav any more (but i'll have to keep CoPilot until a 2.0 android release is available)

alas , there may never be an Eclair 2.0 release for the i7500 , but we can only hope.
Whats certain is that google are pushing on to dominate the handheld market with Android (and that now includes netbooks etc)

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