Wednesday, 30 June 2004

stereo ordered part deux :: AVCR arrives :: more pics

Now Im not saying its not a great unit, far from it.
Anyway Ive just ordered the Kenwood PSW9527 , if I have reliability problems with that then Im really gonna be hacked off after all this.........

JVC unit went in on Friday night and its back out again last night (Tues).Its a very subtle unit that looks great,but it just wasnt for me !
Great looks (esp in black)Menu colour fixed(others change)
Nice touch screenface off only(huge panel) not MASK
Deceptively loudLimited sound controls
Less to go wrongSource change requires double key press
Poor/limited options for graphical display

[Big thanks to Jon at InCarExpress for putting up with me changing my mind LOL]

APEXI AVCR arrived today from USA as well !!!! (3 days from order ..)
Cost me 25 quid extra (funnily (or not) 13 quid customs and same again for Parcel Forces cut , go figure)

also a few more pics of my 20VT .... are available. Also shows the JVC unit in dash.

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